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How to make masks for dyed hair

We love to change the look, although surely many of us would do it in a more frequent way. What happens is that the hair breaks down a lot and lets us know in different ways. But from today everything can change since we are going to prepare some masks for dyed hair.

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How to darken hair

Nowadays we usually change quite a lot of hair tone, and if we already talked about how to clarify it a bit, now we are going to tell you the ways that there is to darken the hair. It is about achieving a darker shade of hair. Blondes that turn to chestnut and chestnut trees to dark mahogany.

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Why hair curls

Why does hair curls? It is one of the most frequent questions. More than anything because the vast majority suffer from this problem. It seems that we leave the house with perfectly combed hair, but it is only an illusion because we quickly see how frizzy seizes him.

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How to take care of light brown hair

Although we tend to simplify the shades of brown hair in blondes, tans, chestnuts or redheads, there is a great deal of nuance between them. There are blondes who approach the redhead and others who approach the chestnut, as the blond ash. There are also dark chestnuts that are almost like dark hair but with reflections. So the possibilities...

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Brown: the hair trend that triumphs in the fall

Like every year, the brown is the protagonist of the autumn trends: the heat that emanates and its many facets are well suited to the season of change. It is a nuance that is good for everyone and that enhances every cut and incarnate, provided you choose the right shade. We have selected five, among those destined not to...

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Red hair the 2018 hair trend is confirmed

Red at Christmas? “Pure avant-garde” Someone would say… yet there is no doubt that red will reconfirm the color of this year and of what’s to come. From copper to mahogany, passing through every nuance and possible interpretation, red hair is by far the most requested in the salon. It is fundamental to know how to choose them based...

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Pink hair the color of spring 2018

The color that has conquered make-up, perfumes, and even the hairstyle … pink hair is absolutely the color of spring 2018. A positive shade, radiant and fresh that immediately makes us think of the beautiful season and to which the runways there they have already got used to it, reconfirming them even in the running season.

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6 tips for frizzy hair

Frizzy hair is beautiful of itself, but unfortunately there are mistakes that you can make so that you can manipulate your natural hair. Read the tips below to avoid these errors.