Hair color: the most searched hair trends on the web

Autumn is the season of change, one in which everything begins again and you feel like something new, starting with the color of your hair. And here we are again this year to hair color 2017 looking for something new and innovative.

Fortunately, for this season the trends do not leave us dry: there is something for all tastes and all looks. We have selected 4 of the most clicked on the web, divided by color.

You just have to choose your favorite and run in the salon to claim it!

The most requested hair trends for autumn – winter

Champagne Pop – Hot and cold blonde

A mixture of blondes: a lighter and cooler, almost platinum, and a warm undertone. Pop champagne is an unusual coloration, multitasking, among the most recent trends. It is a hair look difficult to obtain with a single session because it requires transitional colors.

Cherry Hombre – A red super rock

It is the 2017 color of the most alternative and determined women: a charming red, which is especially suited to short or medium cuts and which stands out on the wavy hair look, especially on the waves, which enhance the reflections.

Cream Soda – A mix between blond and brown

In a short time, he made fall in love with stars and models: the cream soda is not a cocktail, but a very hot and exceptionally bright blond. Because of its intensity, it is suitable for both blonde and light brown hair. A versatile color, able to immediately give great light to the complexion.

Wild Tiger – The trendiest blond

Designed for blonde bases wishing to warm up their look, the wild tiger is a bit like the heir to the tiger eye so loved this summer. It is suitable both for women with a fair complexion, and for the darker ones, and is obtained through the technique of balayage, with chiaroscuro games on a blonde base.

And now, do you have any clearer ideas about hair color? Remember to choose it, as always, following the advice of your trusted hairdresser, who will provide you with the right tips based on your starting color and the result you can get.

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