Green clay to care for hair

Clay is a natural product that can be used for multiple beauty treatments. It is possible to find several types of clay, such as white and red, but undoubtedly the most popular is green clay. Its most common use is in the form of a mask for the face, although it is also possible to use green clay to care for the hair.

The green clay for hair has great benefits, so it can be used to make a simple mask. This clay should be prepared in the proper way and helps us clean the scalp and hair. Discover how to use it on hair and how to prepare it to enjoy its benefits.

Where to find green clay

Green clay is a natural and quite popular product. It is much easier to find than white or red clay since these are used less. Green clay can be found in natural products stores such as herbalists. It is sold in powder to make a paste with it, so we also have to know how to prepare it. It contains minerals and trace elements that provide special properties for the skin and hair. It has been used even from the Ancient Egyptian to care for hair, so its results are more than proven.

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How to prepare green clay

The first thing we should think about is the amount of product that we will need. Preparing the clay is usually simple and almost always comes with instructions. It appears in powder form and several tablespoons mixed with bottled water are used. It must be prepared in a container that is not made of metal due to the minerals in the clay. This mixes well until making a paste that is easy to spread on the hair but that is not so liquid that it slips. This is why it is better to add water little by little until you get the right texture. In addition, this product should be stored in a place without direct light, dry and at room temperature.

Benefits of green clayGreen clay

The green clay is especially indicated for the excess of sebum, but it is also very good healing and helps to heal the skin and redness. These properties make it a good choice for oily hair but also for those who have dry and irritated skin with problems with eczema or dandruff. The clay helps balance the scalp by cleaning it and making the hair look clean and shiny. The skin of the scalp prevents problems such as dandruff or redness, something that appears in sensitive skin. This clay is also good for oily hair since in these a lot of sebum is produced. The clay balances that sebum production and makes the hair clean longer.

How to apply green clay

This clay is applied in the form of a paste. It may be a bit difficult at first but you should have patience. It is important to apply it on the scalp, because it acts directly on him, especially if we have dandruff, fat or eczema to fight. It can be applied with a brush like those used to spread the dye. It should also be applied to the rest of the hair, as it helps to give shine and care for the hair, preventing it from drying out.

After the application, it is better to wrap the hair in plastic so that the clay does not solidify and is more difficult to remove. This will keep the area warm and so the clay can work better. Leave it for half an hour to make an effect on the hair and rinse as usual. You will notice the clean hair and you will not have to wash it with shampoo on that occasion.

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