Gray hair why they come out and how to fight them

The gray hair is something that comes to everyone, but certainly, there are those who have it even in their youth because within this process there is also a component that is genetic and from which we can not escape. Let’s see why gray hair is produced and what methods we have to combat them and also hide them.

If the gray hair is a real problem for you, you must know the ways to fight them and also how they can be hidden. It is an inevitable process, but it can always be reduced and transformed. Having beautiful hair is possible despite gray hair.

What are gray hairs?Gray hair

White hairs are white hairs that lack melanin, the substance that brings color to both the hair and the skin. These gray hairs can be physiological, which are those that appear logically with the aging process, inevitable for everyone. There are premature grays, which can appear by genetics, although they can also be accelerated by stress, as they age at a faster rate. On the other hand, you can give the poliosis, which is a tuft of white hairs or hairs, either in the hair, eyebrows or eyelashes due to a depigmentation.

Gray hair can be produced by different factors. One of them is genetic, as in premature graying and poliosis. The situations of continued stress and also a poor diet that accelerates this aging process may be other reasons. Other reasons that accelerate the process can be smoking or diseases such as hypothyroidism or vitiligo.

How to fight gray hairGray hair

This process occurs naturally but can be greatly reduced and delayed. It is necessary to avoid situations of stress so as not to age prematurely. A life away from stress will give us younger skin and hair. In addition, we must eat well, with the right amount of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. We must base our diet on natural products with high nutritional value and eat a balanced and varied diet. It is very important especially the vitamin B that is in the egg yolks or viscera since it helps to prevent the appearance of gray hair.

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You can use natural remedies to stop the appearance of gray hair. One of these remedies is to use an onion with its juice by applying it to the hair. Apparently, the onion contains catalase, an enzyme that reduces the hydrogen peroxide that accumulates in the follicles that produce gray hair. The avocado mask can also be an excellent remedy for gray hair, as it contains vitamin E that prevents aging in the hair.

How to cover gray hairGray hair

One of the methods that everyone uses for gray hair is a dye. The dyes keep the gray hair covered, offering color to the hair; although they are chemical products that can dry out and ruin the hair. That is why its use should be reduced. Wicks are another method, although they do not cover all gray hair if we have them in tufts, so it is not an effective method for everyone.

A method that is natural and can serve to cover the gray is to choose henna. What happens is that natural henna is an herb that can be applied in the form of a paste that leaves the hair a reddish shade. At present, it is possible to find many other ideas in natural cosmetics stores. As there are dyes made with natural products that have other shades, such as black, blond or chestnut. Although the coverage will never be as good as that of a chemical dye. In return, we will have much more careful hair.

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