Garlic oil

Garlic oil for hair – Benefits and how to make it at home

If we look for natural remedies for our hair, the oils will always be the great allies. In this case, we are left with garlic oil for hair, thanks to the many qualities that it has. It is proven that it is very effective in all types of hair and also, it will make it stronger.

Therefore, it is necessary to avoid falling because it has antibacterial properties. Thanks to the garlic, we will say goodbye to any type of infection or even fungus that we have in the area of the scalp.

So today you will discover all its great advantages or properties and you can make your own garlic oil for homemade hair. What are you waiting for?

Properties of garlic oil for hair

Garlic has an ingredient that has medicinal properties and is called. It has been used over the years thanks to its powers in the field of medicine. So now we are not so surprised about having to use it on our hair too.

It will improve the health of our hair thanks to the antioxidants it carries. At the same time, we can not forget about the antibacterial properties that we have also mentioned.

Garlic oil

These properties are even similar or have been compared with those of certain medications. If you have itching on the scalp, it will relieve you a lot since it will get rid of certain skin problems like those caused by fungi.

It repairs damaged hair as well as giving it more vitality, also strengthening its roots. Last but not least, it will also stimulate hair growth, activating blood circulation. What else can we ask?

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When should I use garlic oil for my hair?

Being perfect for all types of hair, you can use it when you consider it appropriate.

But yes, remember that it is always suitable for all hair that looks fragile, manes that are very dry, dandruff problems or hair loss problems.

Although as we say, not only do these cases have to be. In a less frequent way, you can use it to give your hair more vitality, as well as hydration.

How to prepare garlic oil for hair

We do not need to spend a good amount of money. More than anything because we have at our disposal, remedies, and ideas like this one.

With only two ingredients and that, sure you will have in your kitchen; you can enjoy true garlic oil.

On the one hand, you will need two cloves of garlic and on the other, 128 grams of olive oil (about 8 tablespoons, approximately).

For its preparation, you will place a pan on the fire. In it, you throw the oil and the garlic, which will be slightly crushed. With the fire to the minimum, we let it warm a couple of minutes.

We will already notice the smell of garlic impregnated in the oil. It will be time to turn off and let it rest until it is cold.

garlic oil

You will mix the oil and garlic in a glass jar. You leave it in a place, away from sunlight, for a day. When this time passes, you can use it.

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To do this, apply a little on the scalp, giving a gentle massage. You will let act an hour and a half, although if you can have it longer, much better.

Then you wash the hair as usual and you will begin to see the great results.

How often can I use garlic oil?

Of course, the results are true. But that does not mean we have to do it very often. We can use garlic oil for hair a couple of times a week.

If you do not want to prepare it every time, you can double the quantities and you will get more oil, for more time.

Remember that in an airtight jar and out of the fridge it lasts about a month. If you keep it in the fridge, then it can last you up to two.

Even so, we recommend using it before to take advantage of its great properties.

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