Four homemade masks for four hair problems

There are some hair problems that are common in many of us. From a dry tip to a frizzy or oily hair. Today we are going to talk to you about four natural masks that you can all do at home with some simple ingredients that will help you to finish with four habitual problems in the hair.

These four masks are easy to get and do. The hair must be taken care of daily, but occasionally we should also give some extra care with these masks. So, we recommend doing them at least once a week and let them act on the hair for half an hour so that their effects are good. Being natural masks we can leave them even longer.

Hair with dry endsdry ends

Hair with dry ends is common, as this is the area that suffers most and that is not in contact with the scalp dries more. The vast majority of people usually apply softener tips or commercial masks, but there are also many natural masks that can be very effective in restoring softness at the ends of the hair. One of the easiest and most accessible masks we all have is made with olive oil and egg yolk. The oil moisturizes the egg yolk nourishes and softens the hair. We have to mix both things well and then apply it to the hair for half an hour. The best thing is always to wrap the hair in a towel so that the product does not stain our clothes and so that it also integrates better into the hair. We can also wrap it before in transparent film.

Greasy hairGreasy hair

For oily hair, we need ingredients that are astringent since they help regulate the production of fat to a great extent. One of the masks you can make is made with white clay. Do not forget that the clay is of various colors and each one has different properties. The clay is also very respectful with the skin, making it ideal for those who, in addition to greasy hair, have a sensitive scalp. This clay comes in powder and you have to mix it with bottled water that has been previously heated until you get a kind of paste or mud. It is important to do it in a wooden or plastic bowl, never metal, or remove the mineral properties of the clay, and remove with a spoon of the same materials. Apply on the roots, cover with plastic and leave on for half an hour.

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Hair with dandruffdandruff

For a hair with dandruff, we have a simple formula that consists of using the known coconut oil. This oil can be used even if you have the fat root since it helps to regulate the excess of it. It is a good mask to eliminate the fungus that produces dandruff and moisturize the scalp. Simply apply it to the scalp, leave on and wash the hair in the usual way. You can extend this oil to the tips to soften them.

Curled hairCurled hair

The coconut oil we mentioned may be a good idea for frizzy hair, but you have another mask that can also help you. It is the homemade banana and avocado mask. You have to use a banana and an avocado, both ripe, crush them and mix them until making a paste that you will apply on the hair. Let act a half hour so that the banana and the avocado soften and nourish the hair in depth. Then remove with water and wash the hair normally. When you dry it you will notice that it is much softer.

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