This way you fix your unsuccessful hair color

There is nothing wrong with an at-home hair coloring, but unfortunately, a DIY adventure does not always go well. From too streaky highlights to a green glow or gray hair (instead of silver-blond), below you will find the best tips to fix your unsuccessful hair color. Because yes, fortunately, something can be done about it! From fast, temporary life-saving equipment to permanent solutions.

1. Your blond coupe is yellow

Quick fix:  You wanted to dye your hair blond, but you got a failed hair color (read: yellow) in return. What to do? Yellow and purple are approximately opposite each other in the color circle. Do you want to neutralize a warm, yellow tint? Then silver shampoo is your best friend!

Long-term solution: go to the salon and ask for a cool blonde tone. Be clear about what you want to avoid a failed: an as tint and not a yellow color. Avoid warm colors such as honey and caramel.

2. Your hair is orange

Quick fix:  for this failed hair color, we go one step further. Not yellow, but orange! There are many silver shampoos on the market, but a dark blue / indigo purple works best to get orange undertones. Instead of washing your hair with the shampoo, you can use it better as a hair mask. Let him retract 10 – 15 minutes and the orange glow is gone!

Long-term solution: let your hairdresser know that you are not satisfied with the orange undertone and ask for an axle tint. It is possible that if you have fairly dark hair of yourself, your hair should be lightly pigment first (to eliminate the orange color) and then darker again to add the axial tint.

3. Your hair is too assign

Quick fix: have you used a toner that your hair has made too (read: gray hair)? Then so-called clarifying shampoos offer the outcome. They let your color speak more. Does not this work? Then special color toners for home use are also available. Choose one that adds more warmth to your hair to restore your unsuccessful hair color.

Long-term solution: ask the hairdresser for a warm shade, such as gold, copper or peach.

4. Your highlights are too streaky

Quick fix: the best short-term solution for this failed hair color is bright dry shampoo. Spray this over your highlights to blend the colors.

Long-term solution: do you dislike that streaky look? Then ask the next time you go to the hairdresser for a balayage. A similar kind of effect, but more natural!

5. Your color is too dark

Quick fix: wash, wash and wash again. Choose an anti-dandruff shampoo, which works best to blur the unsuccessful hair color. Please note: washing will dry your hair, so please take care of it with a mask afterward!

Long-term solution: a lighter color, highlights or balayage, your hairdresser can fix this!

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