Fatty hair characteristics and care

Each person has a specific type of hair, which we must know in order to treat it with the best products. Oily hair is a type of hair in which fat accumulates very quickly because a lot of sebum is produced on the scalp, which extends to the hair and gives it that dirty and caked look.

Today we will see what the characteristics of oily hair are and what can be the care we need if we have this type of hair. It is a type of hair that really gives a lot of work because it gets dirty very fast, but it is possible to take good care of it if we know how to do it.

Fatty hair characteristics

Oily hair has the main character that it produces a lot of sebum on the scalp. This leads to the rapid accumulation of fat and hair staining and looking dirty and dull. In addition, this type of hair usually has the problem of dandruff, although it does not always occur in all oily hair. If in addition, the hair is fine, this fat and caking will be noticed much more.

Daily care of oily hairFatty hair

Oily hair should wash when it is dirty because sebum can damage the scalp if it stays on it. Although it is said that you should not wash your hair daily because there may be a rebound effect, if your hair gets dirty every day, you should wash it to prevent the root from being weakened by the accumulated sebum. It is in the driest hair in which it is recommended not to wash every day because there really is no need.

What we should use are specific products for oily hair, since they are the most suitable to combat this problem and try to balance the scalp. Do not rub in excess, as this does not help, and if we use conditioner you never have to go over the ends.

Things we should avoid

Oily hair gets dirty very quickly, so, first of all, we must avoid passing the hand constantly through the hair since we will drag that fat and it will look dirty much sooner. Also, do not use any shampoo or product, but those that are specific. If you have to wash your hair daily to clean it, you have to look for a shampoo that is soft and of daily use, so as not to harm the scalp.

Although we do not believe it, eating also influences our skin and the scalp, which produces this amount of fat. That is why we should try to avoid fried and processed foods that generate more toxins and opt for a healthy and natural diet, with foods such as vegetables, vegetables, and fruits. You also have to stay hydrated by drinking two liters of water a day, so that the skin is dry and needs to generate more sebum.

Natural remedies for oily hair

There are some remedies in which natural products are used to prevent the hair from greasing so quickly. In addition to the right cosmetic products, we can try these ingredients to see if the hair has less fat.

Apple vinegarApple vinager

This vinegar has great properties and the acids it has managed to balance the Ph of the scalp. We will only have to use a container with bottled water and a stream of vinegar and pour it over the hair leaving it to act. Some people rinse their hair with water to mitigate the smell of vinegar and some people leave it and dry it in the air. This should be done several times a week to see the results.

Jojoba oil

As rare as it may seem there are oils that precisely help to balance oily skin. Jojoba oil is very similar to the sebum produced by the skin. If we use it several times we will see how our skin does not need to create so much sebum and in the long run, it stays drier. Obviously, it is not the same to use it on the scalp since in this we must use it as a mask and then wash the hair normally. Over time we will see how less sebum is produced.

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