Extra care for dry hair

We know that hair has some care that can be generalized for everyone, from hair to short hair and different types of hair. But there are also specific cares for fine, dry, curly or oily hair. In this case, we will see some extra care and tricks to care for dry hair.

Dry hair is usually thick and curly. This hair usually curls easily and needs a lot of extra hydration and care to make it look softer and brighter. There are some tricks and cares that can improve the appearance of dry hair to look much smoother and brighter.

Natural OilsNatural oils

The natural oils are the best methods to get hydrated hair without damaging it. The chemical products that we use many times with the intention of taking care of it only add chemicals and products with silicones, which in the end ends up spoiling the hair. In the case of curling dry hair, natural oils can be great allies. Coconut oil is one of the most used because it has a silky texture that is not very greasy and leaves the hair softer and brighter. It is possible to use it as a mask before washing, impregnated either from roots to ends, or as a dry conditioner, using a small amount at the tips and means to soften the hair and avoid frizz. There are other natural oils that can be beneficial for dry hair, such as jojoba or olive.

Co-washing methodCo-washing method

The co-washing method is little known and is not suitable for all types of hair. We refer to the method in which the hair is washed with the conditioner and without using shampoo. It is somewhat difficult to understand, but this method is intended to be used to have more soft and careful hair, but it is not suitable for fine hair or that is easily greased. With this type of washing, we use the conditioner and rinse. If we see that our hair may be dull or dull, we can use some shampoo at the end, but not too much to prevent it from drying out.

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Hair Masks

This is one of the great classics when it comes to taking care of dry hair. The masks that are allowed to act and that help improve hair hydration. There are many types of masks, from the most commercial to those we can make with natural products. Masks made with natural products are also ideal. You have olive oil, avocado or honey as moisturizing products to hydrate naturally. Making a homemade mask with yogurt and milk can help you to have a softer and less frizzy hair. These masks should be applied normally from medium to ends and leave for half an hour. If you can wrap the hair in a towel and let the mask act like that, well, much better, since the heat will help the assets penetrate the hair.

Avoid sources of heatsources of heat

The sources of heat are the things that most spoil the hair. Whether fine or thick hair, dry or oily, the heat breaks it and breaks it, so we will have dry, dull hair that breaks more easily, with the tips open. To avoid this we must protect the hair in those occasions in which we use a source of heat and also avoid as much as possible using devices that give a lot of heat, such as the irons or the dryer.

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