Extensions to give volume to the hair

Not only is it a matter of length, but volume is also important in our hair. Hence, if you have fine hair and want to see it with more body, then you can choose extensions to give volume. The change will be quite significant and of course, you will love it.

It seems that the only job of extensions is not to enjoy long hair. Their thickness and naturalness will also benefit when we choose them. Clear all doubts with the details and advice that we offer below. You will see how fast you will be convinced!

The functions of the extensions

We all had in mind that, as the name suggests, it was to make the hair longer. There are many people who want to show off a mane of myocardial infarction. But for different reasons they do not always achieve it in a natural way. It is complicated to grow both the hair, because between dyes, split ends and some products will always make us have to cut every so often.

So, before all this, the extensions will always be in order to give us back the illusion. Although if you did not know, you can also play with them to add more volume. The experts will know how to place them for it. So now we know that they fulfill two functions and not just one, as we understood.

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What types of extensions are best for volume?

When we ask, it seems that many people agree that keratin is usually better for this type of problem. If you want to give volume to the hair you will get it with them. Of course, it is always preferable that you go to a specialized center. Only then, you will ensure an optimal result. They can be placed by means of an ultrasonic machine. Something that eliminates us from going through the heat of the plates and for this reason, we can avoid damaging the hair.Extensions

They are placed, without going over the length of the hair. In a matter of minutes, you will see how your fine hair has changed and now has a thicker one. The advisable thing is that once a month you go through your beauty center to be able to give them a review. If you make good use of them through the care they advise you, they can last more than three months. You do not need too much to see that result and also, they are perfect when you want naturalness in the hair.

Surely you’ve also heard about adhesive extensions. They are cheaper than the previous ones, easy to use and in addition, they can be used again. If you have extreme care, you can even reuse them three times. You can remove them, wash them with a special gel for them and replace them. What happens that despite having great advantages could not be without problems. They can be seen, although it will depend on the type of hairstyle you wear. Another important is that your hair will not look as natural as with the previous ones.Extensions

How to keep the extensions

It is not as complicated as it may seem. You just need to brush your hair, but only with a special brush for them. Thus, they will not become entangled, which is also advised to sleep with a loose braid to avoid it. Remember that you can brush your hair a couple of times a day. In addition, you can use your shampoo and conditioner every time you wash your hair.

Like a hair without extensions, once a week you will need a good mask. The serum will also become another of your great allies. Always keep it handy because it will keep your hair shiny and with that extra hydration contribution that we like and need so much. It is best to go to a beauty center and ask for prices because depending on the brands and centers in question, they will tell you one or another number.

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