Disadvantages of botox for hair

It is normal that when we think about a hair treatment, the advantages and disadvantages also go through our heads. That’s why today we are left with all the less good part in the form of disadvantages of botox for hair. One of the treatments that more questions and doubts cause.

It is necessary to clarify that on many occasions, it is not that the treatments themselves are better or worse, but that they are not suitable for all people. On the other hand, we must always go to the great experts. Because they can assess our case and tell us the steps to take. Knowing this, do you want to know the disadvantages of botox for hair?

What is botox for hair?

Before knowing that less good part, it is no good that we explain what this treatment has been really liking. In this case, although the name suggests something else, it is a topical treatment. It is not necessary to inject any type of product as it happens with the skin. Nor are they composed of the same toxin, but it does have the same name because the purpose of a treatment like this is to get our hair renewed. In what way? then running all the damage you have. For example, restore the natural shine, make the hair look smoother and with more life and hydration. So it will repair the hair fibers and nourish damaged hair. So, thanks to this botox the hair is soaked in proteins and vitamins for a couple of months or less, which is how long it can last, approximately.

Disadvantages of botox for hair

A priori, knowing everything you can do for us, it seems a unique and perfect product. It is, but it also has certain disadvantages that we have to mention.

Your price: We start with a fundamental part. Because it is true that we want to see our hair totally healthy, but sometimes there is something that slows us down. The prices that are paid for such treatment can be one of the good reasons to think twice. Because although there are products on the market, we insist that these types of alternatives are always advised to be done under expert hands and therefore, we have to pay for them. But it may be worth it. If you want to clean your hair, with one session you can already use it, otherwise, you will have to do one or more, depending on whether it is more or less damaged. The price can be around 50 euros just for the treatment and the session.clean your hair

Loss of naturalness: It is true that it is only after the treatment. But we must mention it because there are many people who have found that their hair is heavier and stiffer. Although it does not mean that it stays that way for days. It is only a kind of side effect since naturalness will gradually open up in our hair.

It can discolor your hair: You have to know that your hair tone can vary slightly, to a lighter one. Neither is it a radical change, but you will notice a softer color than you usually wear.

Buy it in the market: It is quite tempting to buy products of this type. They assure us that it is very easy to use, but we will never know if it is the right one for our hair. Likewise, most of them may not be as natural as we would like. Hence, the results also leave much to be desired. For all this, although it is not a proper disadvantage of botox, we had to mention it. To put yourself in expert hands is always to know that you pay for a job well done.

Without firmness the hair very smooth: Sometimes, it can leave the hair that is very straight with less movement than we expected.

Still, for many people, it is a great product to consider. Because the advantages it brings will always be greater than the advantages. Have you tried a similar treatment?

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