How to darken hair naturally at home

Nowadays we usually change quite a lot of hair tone, and if we already talked about how to clarify it a bit, now we are going to tell you the ways that there is to darken the hair.

It is about achieving a darker shade of hair. Blondes that turn to chestnut and chestnut trees to dark mahogany.

Keep in mind that the most extreme tones are only achieved with dye since natural products are never so strong as to completely change the tone of the hair and everything will depend on the base we have. So we will see some alternatives to change the color of our hair.

Dark TintDark tint

In the market, you will find a lot of shades in dark hair dye. If in addition what you want is to darken the gray hair nothing will be more effective than the usual dye.

Also, with the dyes, you can easily switch from one tone to another if the base is clear.

Of course, we must bear in mind that the contrast with the root will be much more noticeable and that the dye usually spoils the hair and be more harmful to the scalp.

The advantage is that the coverage is very good and it takes a short time to get that tone with respect to the most natural methods.

Indigo Henna

Indigo Henna

When we speak of pure henna we refer to the reddish tone. But today there are herbal preparations that are like henna and apply the same, and with which you can get other different shades.

In this case, what is usually done is to mix the henna with the indigo to achieve a darker tone? It is advisable to try only on a lock to see the effect on the hair because the henna has much to do with the base color of our hair with the final result.

This type of product should be applied for a long time, actually hours so that they better catch the tone in the hair.

The great advantage they have is that they protect the hair and take care of it. Something that does not happen with the usual dyes.

Darken hair with coffee

Darken hair with coffee

This method is really simple, although the darkening of the hair is slight and is achieved after a few weeks. It is about using coffee after the last rinse on the hair so that it takes on a darker tone.

The same can be done with black tea with the same effect. It is what is done with chamomile to clarify it.

But in all these cases we must bear in mind that it must be applied for a long time to see the results.

Use salvia


The same can be done with an infusion of sage, which is good for darkening gray hair. That is why it is used a lot to darken hair naturally that comes out.

You have to make the infusion and let it rest a few hours. Apply to the hair and put a towel to dry.

Finally rinsed with water and repeated a few weeks later if a greater darkening of the hair is desired progressively.

Rosemary oil

Rosemary oil

The rosemary oil has great properties for the hair because it is an oil that stimulates circulation. So it can assist in good hair growth and crashing less. But this oil also has the property of darkening the hair.

Normally, rosemary essential oil mixed with some oil used to hydrate the hair, such as jojoba or coconut. Massage the hair and let it act to wash them.

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