Cut your hair yourself and attach points like that

You take a look at your split ends and know that it is necessary: cut hair and say goodbye to those dead spots. But do you really have to go to the hairdresser and spend a few bucks on something that has been done in less than ten minutes? Cannot you just as well cut your hair yourself? We give tips & tricks!

From childhood, my mother cuts my hair. Cutting at the hairdresser feels unnecessary for me because I wear my hair in one length. As a result, I am already outside within fifteen minutes for the additional points. So my mother or roommate cut my hair for years and now I do it myself! How? You can read that here.

Pay attention! These tips are most useful for straight hair (like me). Do you have a blow in your hair and do you want to cut your own hair? Then you can make it straight using a flat iron or by wetting it. Your hair must also be at least shoulder length. For short hair or hair in layers, I recommend going to the hairdresser, because you really have a model cut.


Make sure you have hairdressing scissors at home. Not expensive, for a tanner you already have barber scissors! Never cut with kitchen scissors, these are far too blunt and not good for your hair!


You can also cut dry hair, but wet is easier is my experience! For example, after showering or make it moist with a plant sprays. It does not have to be soaking wet and also keep in mind that dry hair is shorter than wet hair, in case you do not want to get rid of it too much. Then brush it well and make a middle part in your hair. Comb all the hair over the shoulders, so that you have equal parts on both sides.


Stand in front of the mirror. Do you want to cut your hair straight? Then keep your chin slightly up. Do you want the hair to run around (seen from behind)? Keep your face straight. Then cut off as much of the hair on both sides handy to clamp your hair between the index and middle fingers.


Comb all the hair back and let your friend or girlfriend check from the back if it runs straight (or round). They can possibly correct something!

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