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5 ways to curl your hair with one curling iron

Create one curling iron and five different types of curl; it’s possible! From classic to nonchalant curls, beachy wavy hair too tight curls … all great. We came across a tutorial that will explain how all these curls on an easy way to get together.

1. Classic curl

Curl is called the classic curl because this is not only a chic and perfect curl; it is also the standard way in which the curling iron is used.

You pick a piece of hair and make it flat between your fingers. You turn the pluck flat around the curling iron, away from your face, and ensure that there is no space between them.

Wait about 15 seconds and then slide the curl of the curling iron off and hold it in your hands before you release the curl. The result is a perfect and neat curl.

2. Natural curl

The second technique creates a natural curl in the hair. This curl looks like it is your natural hair because it curls in different directions and is not perfect.

This is how you make the natural curl: you pick a piece of hair and you turn it two strokes around the hair iron away from your face.

You wait a few seconds and take the pluck off, and then you turn the rest of the pluck in the other direction around the curling iron.

Finally, take your fingers through the picking and the result is a natural effect.

3. Pipe curl

The following curling technique ensures perfect spiral curls. For this, you need thinner hair because there must be space between the hairs on the curling iron.

If you have long hair, you will have to use the curling iron several times for one curl.

You start by curling the upper part of the picking, then slide the hair off the curling iron and finish the curl by pulling the remaining hair over the curling once or twice more.

4. Twist curl

You also need thinner hair to create the twisted curl. Twist the pluck away from the face and turn it around the curling, while you continue to pluck the pluck.

Turn the packing as tightly as possible around the curling iron without space in between. So you curl the same as the classic curl but with a twist in it.

After about 15 seconds, remove the curling of the curling iron and hold it in your hand. Eventually, you get your fingers through it and it becomes a big natural curl.

5. Loose wave

With the latest technology, you create Victoria’s Secret waves in the hair. You pick a thick piece of hair and start pretty low with curls.

You turn the bottom of the pick around the curling and keep moving and sliding. The result Beautiful, soft, bouncy waves!

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