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These are the 6 coolest hair trends in 2018

A list of hair trends cannot be left behind. Because which chapels dominate in 2018? Will, we just grow our hair or cut it off? And are we going for curled or straight? Loose or fixed? Read more quickly for the most popular hair trends in 2018.

As always, you should not take trends indiscriminately, but you first see if the trend – in this case, the hairstyle – suits you.

Does a hairstyle match your face, does it fit your style and is a trend possible with your hair at all? We give you an overview of hair trends in 2018, and you look and choose!

Hair trends in 2018

1. Extra Long Hair

Extra Long HairIn 2017 we cut our hair all off; in 2018 the hair may belong again. And not just long, but super long! Whether it’s a steep look, a blow in the hair, or a bunch of curls … long hair is one of the hair trends in 2018.

2. Wave after wave

Wave after waveThe second in the list is, in our opinion, a very accessible hair trend. 2018 is all about the curl: and in particular a subtle wave. The wave technique used for this hairstyle provides a cross between round curls and creases.

The beautiful, subtle waves in the hair arise because the curling iron is only used on certain parts of the hair. It is practice, but then you have something!

3. Tucked Back

Tucked BackOur absolute favorite from the hair trends 2018 list because we love functional trends! Especially when it comes to something that we have always done on autopilot.

And then ‘her behind your ears’ suddenly turns one of the hairstyles 2018. TOP! Wear your hair in a middle part and behind your ears. Also, face for short hairstyles with hair that just comes over your ears.

4. Baby Braids

Baby Braids hair trends 2018What is so nice about baby braids? You make your hairstyle very special in an easy way. Make braids in the front tufts on both sides of the face.

Pull the braids apart so they become fuller and wear the rest of your hair behind your ears. And if you have enough of it? Then they’ll be out again…

5. Undone Wet look Hair

Undone Wet look Hair hair trends 2018
This hairstyle is nothing new in itself, but the wet look in the hair trends in 2018 is different.

Because instead of being tight and perfectly cut, he may be looser this year. Less perfect, more textured and a tad messy.

You will, therefore, spend even less time. What do you think of this hair trend in 2018? Go or no?

6. Rich Girl Ponies

Rich Girl Ponies hair trends 2018
The most romantic of the hair trends 2018! Covering your hair in a silk scarf, that sounds luxurious alone.

And that’s why we want this hair trend… Knot a scarf around a low scarf or just a high bun and leave some tufts hanging on your face.

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