This way you color your hair super easy in all colors

Especially in the summer and during the festival season we all tend to the bright colors in our hair. From pastel pink and lavender to turquoise and unicorn hair, we cannot be so crazy. With the Colorista line from L’Oréal Paris, you can easily give your hair any color you want and you decide how long you want the color!

At the moment everyone is under the spell of the bright and pastel colors in our hair. You may think that this is mainly a trend for the daredevils, but nothing is less true. You are going to like this so read on soon!

Make a statement with your hair color

With the Colorista line, you can experiment with all the colors that you like – for a day, a few weeks or longer. The assortment of Colorista colors consists of sprays, wax wood, and permanent colorings, with which you can create your own look with blue, peach, pink, lavender, turquoise, mint green or… all!


With the Colorista color sprays, you have instant results. You spray a colored glow over your locks and have you seen it again? Then you were the color out again with shampoo. With the washed wood you are ready with one wash. You use it as a conditioner that lets you withdraw for 20 minutes and the color fades with every wash. There are also permanent colorations in wearable shades and these offer lasting results!


Would you like to appear at a party with lavender locks, but are not you waiting for a week with lilac hair to appear at work? Then the Colorista spray is for you! You can get good to go in no time because this color spray gives immediate color results. In addition, the color disappears from your hair after one wash. The sprays are available in 7 unique colors, from mint green and gray to hot pink. The pastel shades are suitable for light hair colors and bright shades for both light and darker hair How to use? Keep a distance of about 20 to 30 centimeters between the spray can and your hair, let it soak for a few minutes and finally fix it with hairspray. Beware! The color can give off on clothes, button worries this was easy to get you out again.


Do you prefer a look that is longer visible? Then go for a Colorista washout, this hair color is easy to apply and provides a color result of one to two weeks. The color namely fades wash after washing. The wax woods are available in 9 different colors that vary from pastel peach to deep turquoise. The pastel colors are suitable for blond hair or dark hair that has been brightened. Think of highlights or hair shadow.

The intense colors are suitable for all hair colors. But if you have blonde hair, the color effect will be more intense and longer. The Colorista washouts are easy to apply, contain no ammonia and even take care of your hair! You apply it to dry hair; put a towel over your shoulders, and do you want to try a different color? Make sure that the color is completely washed out of the hair. This way you prevent the color from deviating from your expectations.


The Colorista permanent hair color is for the real beauty junkies among us! Go for cool colorings such as violet or deep dark brown. Thanks to the undertones you create a unique look with the Colorista colorings. The colorings include a nourishing after-treatment and are easy to apply by means of the flexible brush. There are also three Bleach & Playsets that lay the perfect foundation for the wash wood and sprays!

Are you already out whom you are going to try?

How to

Do you completely want to get started after reading this article and do you already know what color you are going to try? Then we have some tips for you to create your own look. There is so much more than just your hair’s color. Do not do it yourself, do it your way!

1. For example, apply color only in the underside or in loose picking, whether you work with wax woods or sprays.

2. Do you want to create a subtle result with the washed wood? Allow the color to work for 20 minutes or up to 30 minutes for a more intense and longer lasting color result.

3. Combine different colors for a mermaid look.

4. Combine the sprays with the washouts to instantly change the look.

You can make it as subtle or striking as you want: from picking a few lavenders the front to a mermaid mix through your blond locks or a full blue effect! Play, experiment, try and most importantly: enjoy!

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