Clean hair more than two days in a row

Clean hairIf something good happens to people who have dry hair, it is not as dirty as people with oily hair. It is true that it needs a lot of care, especially of hydration and nutrition. But at least we do not have to wash it every day or every other day as if the girls have to do oily and fine hair.

We advise you and tell you how your hair can last more than two days in a row. It’s possible! If you want to know how to keep reading to us and you will be surprised at the things we do regularly and daily that causes the hair to get dirtier.

Tips for clean hair longer

If your hair is wavy or straight and you brush it daily (not as the case of curly hair that does not require dry brushing). We advise you to brush it from medium to tip or at least do not touch the roots with the brush. Because you help remove the sebum from your scalp to the rest of the hair. Thus, if you brush from medium to tip the leather grease is in place and does not go to the hair.

Don’t touch it so much with your hands. It is a hobby or ‘tic’ that we have as a habit: to place our hair with the hands from one side to the other and continuously. If we make this gesture every two by three. We will only be dirtying our hair more and more. The dirt of our hands may not be visible to the naked eye, but the sweat, dust, and grease itself make a lot of dirt, especially if we do it constantly.

Softener or mask only from means to ends. If your hair is oily at the roots and dry at the ends, use the fabric softener or mask only from half to ends. This way you will get two things the first and most important of all is that the roots do not grease more, and the second is that your tips are nourished and are healthier and brighter.

Rinse your hair with cold water. The cold water closes our hair fiber and that helps us that the cleaning and hydration products. You have applied remain in your hair much longer and that above all remain cleaner. It seems an unnecessary gesture, but it really works.Clean hair

Clean your hair utensils from time to time. Like any other tool, it is advisable to clean your hair utensils every month approximately. Tongs, brushes, irons, etc … Simply wipe them with a damp cloth and remove any dirt, dust or grease they may have.

Take care of your fat diet. The food we carry influences almost every aspect of our life. If we eat enough or many foods high in saturated fat that will also be reflected in our hair. Maintain a healthy and careful diet.

Wash your hair twice. Although I know of a few people who only wash their hair only once. I say it just in case there are still … When you go to shower, wash your hair twice. In the first wash, you will eliminate the most external waste. In the second and last wash, you will thoroughly wash your scalp by freeing it of all the fat that has accumulated.

Sleep with your hair up. Even if you go clean to your bed every night. You cannot prevent the sheets from picking up some dirt after a few days. Therefore, we recommend you pick up your hair in a high bun and go to sleep in this way. This will prevent hair from getting dirty more than necessary.

Dry your hair with cold air. Once you iron your hair, either with the dryer and brush (as it has traditionally been done) or with the iron, do not forget to blow cold air before finishing. This will seal the cuticle (as was the case with cold water when rinsing it).

Avoid wearing short bangs if you have oily hair. Maybe it looks great to your face. But let’s be realistic: wearing bangs with short hair will only make you have to wash it daily. Since it will get dirty enough, not only with the scalp’s own fat but also on the forehead.

We hope these tricks make you keep your hair clean for longer. If you follow them all and strictly. We are completely sure that you will thank us when you notice the change.

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