Chocolate for hair – its great benefits and how to apply it

Chocolate hair is one of the best ways to enjoy healthy hair. Because if we love to eat this sweet dish, the hair seems to receive it with open arms. In case we did not know, chocolate has endless benefits in beauty.

In fact, chocolate therapy is one of the perfect treatments to care for the skin. Just missing the hair in letting go of the benefits of chocolate and here they have arrived.

We reveal what all those advantages are and also how you can apply it to see its effects as soon as possible. Are you ready?

Chocolate for hair, what are its benefits?

Chocolate has proteins. These are basic in our hair, in fact, we always try that the products that we use have them among their ingredients.

Therefore, when we notice that the hair is brittle and dull, in addition to hydration, you will need the proteins. Something that chocolate will bring, which translates to healthier hair and more life.

In addition, there is magnesium. Another of the compounds of our delicious chocolate. In this case, the magnesium will help the hair to fall to a lesser extent.

Since it is said that when we have low mineral reserves this will be noticed in which the hair falls more and more frequently.

So, in addition to being perfect for the nervous system when we ingest it, in this case, it will also give the same vitality but through the chocolate.

We can not forget about vitamin B1. This helps the circulation of blood, stimulates collagen, and will make our hair look stronger than usual.

So we already have both strength and shine and care for healthy hair. Basic ingredients that we will find in just one food: Chocolate.

How to apply chocolate to hair

It is true that we can apply it in several ways, but we are going to make a mask because it is the easiest and most comfortable way to proceed.

First of all, you are going to need a tablet of dark chocolate. When it is more intense, much better, since this translates into having more cocoa and is the star ingredient of it.

You will have to melt the chocolate. You can do it in the water bath or by throwing it in a container and taking it to the microwave at 5-second intervals. So that in this way we do not get burned.


When you have the melted chocolate, then you need to add two tablespoons of olive oil. It removes well and now it only remains to pour water but very little by little.

We need to get a texture a little thick, so we should not overdo the liquid. Once it is almost cold, then it is time to apply it to the hair.

It is advisable that it is moist so that the chocolate acts much better. Massage the scalp and spread the mixture towards the ends.

Let it act for half an hour and after that time you will only have to wash your hair as usual.

There is another way that is also perfect if you do not have the chocolate bar at hand. You can use cocoa powder.

In a glass of very hot water, you will pour the cocoa, stir it well and let it cool before applying it to the hair.

Many people prefer this type of chocolate because when it is mixed with water it offers a simpler process and we will get the ideal texture faster.

It is applied in the same way and also the rest time will be the same. You will see how thanks to the chocolate for hair, the care of it will always be in good hands.

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