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How to care for straight hair, the best ideas and tricks

straight hair tipsIf you want to know how to take care of straight hair, today we show you the best ideas and tricks for it. Straight hair is one of the most beloved but also hated by all women. Perhaps because it allows us to wear numerous types of hairstyles and haircuts, with a very flattering result.

But of course, it should also be noted that its lack of volume can be a problem. In the same way, it will look weaker and even dirtier even if it is not. That is why we need to take care of straight hair so that it ends forever.

How to care for straight hair washing

They are very different versions that we can find when we think about washing straight hair. While it is true that it is always better to alternate the days, each will have its own needs.

If you need it, you can wash it every day but as long as the right products for this type of hair are used. Something fundamental, because thanks to their components, we will be taking care of it more than we can think.

Straight haircut

When we have straight hair, we know that certain haircuts such as bangs or layers will be much more noticeable. In fact, they will leave us with more than structured finishes.

But of course, you also have to know how to take care of them in such a way. That is why every two months you should touch up your cut. It is not necessary to make a great change again but to give life to the tips.

In addition, it should be remembered that these in straight hair will be noticed much more. So it does not hurt, apply a little olive oil on them. Only a little and in this area, but we can make the hair look much more oily.

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Forget the products two in one

Although in many cases they could save us from walking with several products, in the case of taking care of straight hair, no. East types of products have features that hair never needs.

These products add moisture but in the case of straight hair, it doesn’t need that much.

So, it is best to opt for the shampoo and conditioner or mask but always separately.

Drying straight hair

Always remember that it is fragile hair. That is why we may have to take extra care. In this case, try not to brush it very often.

In addition, as for the combs, it is always better to opt for those that are made of natural materials and put aside those of the plastic-type. When it comes to drying straight hair, you may see static electricity make its appearance through the dryer.

It is best to remove excess water with a towel. You never twist your hair for it. Then, you will comb it and let it dry in the open air. The dryer can be used to add some volume and always in the root zone.

Brighten your straight hair

Taking advantage that we have straight hair we will give it a little shine. To do this in the last rinse, nothing likes adding a little vinegar. But not too much, lest we then smell our hair too much.

Remember that you should not use very hot water to notice the best effects of brightness. It is always preferable to opt for warm or cold water, if you can take it, in that last rinse.

Tips for your straight hair

The conditioner only uses it on the tips part. Because we don’t want our hair to be even more caked than we already have it.

Never sleep with wet or even wet hair. Although it is something that we have to apply to all types of hair, with the straight one even more.

Before leaving home, it is always preferable that the hair is very dry. More than anything because external agents can weaken it.

In addition to all of this, the best thing for care is to try not to abuse certain products. We already know that dyes or wicks are a great thing to change your look. But that can leave us with quite contradictory results in our hair and make it more opaque and lifeless.

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