Care for blonde hair

Blonde hair can have many different shades, but it usually takes a lot of care to make it look brighter. Natural blondes are usually fine hair, so you have to take care of them so they do not break. If they are dyed we will have the same problem, since the hair weakens and can break.

The blond hair is nice and can offer many shades, but always require specific care. If you want to have blond, healthy hair, take note of everything you need to do to get shine in it.

Hydrate blonde hair

The blond hair can become dry, especially if we talk about hair that is dyed. To achieve discoloration of the hair tone, we must use chemicals that spoil it, so hydration in these cases is very important. With each wash, we must use a conditioner, but we can also use products that help to hydrate it more, such as the wonderful coconut oil. It is a natural ingredient that takes care of our hair, making it a good solution for dry and damaged hair. Although you can use mostly hair in the case of fatty scalps is best to leave it alone at the tips, which is also the most damaged area and needs more hydration.

Maintain the natural blonde tone

The natural blonde tends to darken over the years but it will always be a light hair that we can clarify in some way. Actually, we have some natural remedies that can help us to clarify the hair and keep it healthy at the same time. The chamomile tea is one of the tricks most used to get golden highlights to blond hair. For this you have to be very consistent, so we should use it after each wash.

If you let your hair dry in the sun you will notice the reflections quickly. Also, honey is traditionally used to lighten the hair. In addition, honey can help keep it hydrated, so we will achieve two objectives with a single ingredient. The problem of honey on the hair is that it is more laborious when it comes to removing it. On the other hand, it is possible to use herbal masks such as cassia, which can help to lighten the hair that is a natural blond.

Hair Masks

Blond hair that has been dyed will need extra care. If dyeing a darker color can damage the hair, the discoloration is even worse. The hair will be dry and damaged, so it is better to use masks that help us recover the softness in it. If we do not take care of it, we may end up with broken hair and split ends. In the market, we can find great masks for dry or damaged hair and even specific products for dyed hair.

It is possible to make a nourishing mask at home with some natural ingredients. The natural oils are the best things to restore softness in the hair, whether it is coconut or olive oil, always applied to the means and tips. On the other hand, it is possible to create a mask with yogurt and honey to apply on the hair. It is removed by washing the hair normally.

Daily care for blonde hair

Blonde hair will need daily care. It is important to wash the hair with a shampoo to care for the dyed hair to avoid the color and the blond lose shine. On the other hand, the masks and the conditioner will be mandatory at the tips, so that they remain smoother and unravel well.

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