Carded hair how to do it and take it

The carding is a hairstyle technique that took a lot during the 80s. It consists of giving much more volume to the hair only with the brush. Although we think that this technique may be outdated, the truth is that it is not so. Nowadays there are still many hairstyles that can be done with this technique.

Let’s see how we can make a simple card in our own home and the hairstyles we have to use this type of technique. In addition, carding has advantages but also disadvantages, something that we must take into account when making our hairstyle.

What is carding?

The carding is a simple technique that consists of giving volume to the hair by tangling it a little towards the root. This means that we can create different structures in the hairstyles, adding volume to the entire hair or only to some areas. In addition, the carding may or may not look disheveled; it all depends on how we use it.

How to make a card

Carding is a technique in which we give volume to the tufts. You should take a comb with fine spikes to help our card. The strands are separated and taken by the tips and upwards. The combing is done combing the hair from the tips towards the root, creating a tangle that is going to give volume to that area. One of the places where carding is usually done is on the crown, to look taller and also to give volume to the hair in a certain area without looking very disheveled. Those who want to create a disheveled effect make the carding to the ends in different strands.

It is important that before combing the hair is well combed, to avoid larger entanglements. To make a total combing of the hair, it is necessary to go by strand by strand, as this will make it easier to comb afterward. To maintain the carding with volume for as long as possible lacquer is usually used in that area. Use the type of lacquer that is removed simply by combing the hair, as it will leave less waste.

Advantages and disadvantages

This hairstyle has its advantages and that is why it is still used. Its great advantage is that you can add volume in the finest hair. It is a way to make hair look much more abundant. In addition, in certain hairstyles, it helps us create volume in different areas. You can make a toupee in the central part of the hair or give it volume on the crown to give a little height to the hairstyle.

The great disadvantage of the famous card is that it usually rolls a little hair, as we entangle it to give that volume. That’s why you have to have your hair combed and carded carefully. In the fine hair, we run the risk of breaking them when trying to untangle the hairstyle again. That is why it should not be used very often if we do not want to break the hair.

Hairstyles for combed hair

The combed hair can be worn with different hairstyles. Nowadays it is not usual to carve all the hair, but volume is given to certain parts. It is usual to see collected in which the central part of the crown is carded.

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