Brown: the hair trend that triumphs in the fall

Like every year, the brown is the protagonist of the autumn trends: the heat that emanates and its many facets are well suited to the season of change. It is a nuance that is good for everyone and that enhances every cut and incarnate, provided you choose the right shade. We have selected five, among those destined not to be a passing fad.

Brown Chocolate

A passionate color, typically Mediterranean. Its depth illuminates all types of undertones, giving more to olive skin that will benefit from a natural effect, but that can be adapted in particular to the clear with Nordic features, focusing on the contrast.

Light brown

Ethereal and youthful, light brown wins if put in opposition, then space to its golden reflections on amber skins, which will shine with its own light thanks to this intense and multifaceted nuance. The long bob is the ideal cut to combine, to give further movement to the crown.

Brown Ash

A sophisticated shade that naturally belongs to most women and that, with the necessary nuances, can be enlivened. It is a cold and dusty tone that enhances the pink undertones. Its strength is naturalness and portability; it is elegant with every cut.

Bronde A

Dominant nuance among the fashion ones, it is surely the most versatile among the proposed colors. It is a perfect mix between brown and blond, adaptable to your needs and hairstyles. Those who choose it aim to appear natural but with that extra light charge given by the “kissed by the sun” effect.

Caramel Blond

With a touch of red, caramel is suitable for dark complexions and is easy to make. It can turn from a blonde to coppery nuance, adapting itself to reds too easily given its “light” and cold color.

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