Bronde hair color 2018

Undecided on the color of hair, why not opt for the bronde? It’s the perfect mix between brown and blonde. Get inspiration from the stars and find out how to get it.

Stiletto or dancers? The little black or white sheath dress? Curly or straight hair? The doubts of life are many and often it is undecidable between two opposites. And this decision, more often than not, sends us literally in tilt and finds us unable to end a long agony in front of the mirror. A bit ‘tragic? Perhaps, but how many times have we found ourselves in this analytic situation?

And if we told you that, at least in terms of colors, is there a solution? Well, one of the trends in terms of hair colors (which does not mention passing despite faster and more volatile fashions) is the bronde or the perfect middle way between blond and brown (blonde + brown).

The stars seem to adore him and some are so tied to the color of their foliage that they show off with pride. Jessica Alba, Cheryl Cole, Sarah Jessica Parker, Mischa Barton, ‘our’ Bianca Balti and the legendary Jennifer Lopez are among the affectionate of the ‘bronde’. In all its nuances. Of course, because it is not so simple to say ‘bronde’: there is the brownish bronde and there is the blond bronde. And, above all, there is a difference between one and the other.

But if you choose the perfect nuance is not every day, it is easy to get it (even with do-it-yourself) and just as ‘maintenance’: if you are already naturally light brown, makes light strokes, a nuanced effect on lengths to make them more shimmering and dynamic or opt for a massive color on all the foliage that turns from dark blond to brown ash.

Moreover, if you have a light brown base, you can also opt for a permanent shade that does not require starting oxygenation. Or, for a softer style, a uniform skating but with your tone reflexes, perhaps a couple of lighter or smoother gradations. Choose a warm color like a blond wheat or honey or caramel: it will give vitality to your complexion.

On the other hand, if you like warmer colors, darker and more intense, which tend to bark or foliage, the dark brown is the perfect solution. A shade that goes perfectly with yellow leather undertones but also with the most candid, with ephelides. Especially, if you have clear eyes that, in this way, are underlined and accentuated. If you are already dark brown of yours, try adding a coppery touch to reach the compromised taste of bronde.

And finally a last piece of advice: cutting. Yes, because in the bronde the cut is essential. And, there are only two solutions for this color to give the best of itself. The bob, which is long or short, is the perfect ‘plus one’ for your bronde (no, I say, have you seen Jennifer Lopez?). And then, of course, the long climb: smooth or smooth, the reflections of the bronde with the legendary cut to Rachel (Jennifer Aniston and Friends tell you nothing?)

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