Braided bun step by step ideas for a very modern hairstyle

The braided bun is one of the perfect hairstyles for all. More than anything because it can be combined with all the styles we want to give it. For elegant moments or, for the day by day. A hairstyle that will never go out of fashion and as such always has very different options and ideas.

Only in this way, we will not tire of him. So, if you still do not have any ideas on how you can modify it, here we will leave you. A bun with simple braids and that you can do comfortably but adapting it to all your tastes. Do not miss these ideas!

Basic braided bow

One of the most basic but elegant ideas is this one. It is a braided bun that is very simple to make. As always with this type of hairstyles, there are always several ideas that have a very similar result. In this case, we have opted for one of them. It is about making a pigtail, collecting all the hair. For this, we must always comb it well beforehand. Once with the queue ready, we divide it into two parts. With each of them, we will have to make a braid. You can make it finer or fine; give it a little volume, pinching it. Then, we will take one of them and we will wrap it around the rubber band of the hair. We will do the same with the other, although in the opposite direction so that we have the shape of the bow itself.

Romantic picked up with braids

Those collected with braids always have that more romantic side. So in this case, he was not going to be left behind. To start, you can pick up the front or bangs, to continue working with the rest of the hair. Then, we will have to make a root braid starting from the fringe area and on the side. We will take new strands until the braid has taken all the part and is already protagonist of the rear area. The result is to braid all the hair and hold the base of the braid with a small rubber. Now it’s the turn of the loose part of the fringe that we had collected. With it, we will also make a fine braid that we will go through inside the main one with which we collected the hair. Now all that remains is to wrap the braid and hide the ends with hairpins. That easy!

Braid bun at the base

Youthful and perfect, this is how you can see a braided bun at the base. In this case, you can take it to certain events, as well as to show off in your daily moments. The monkey’s style dancer is always one of the major bases that we have within hairstyles. So, by giving it a twist, we can always get great results. So, in this case, we opted for a bun that has a braid around it.

So, to carry it out, the steps are very basic. Again we have to comb the hair well. After that, we’ll make a pretty high ponytail. We will hold said ponytail with a rubber band of hair. We leave a loose strand and with the rest of the ponytail, we roll up and place it around the rubber to form the bow itself. We hold it well with forks. When it is ready, then it is time to make a braid with the strand we have left. To give a little more volume to the base of the hairstyle, we can pinch the braid. Then we will place it at the base of the bun, that is, around it.

Very easy braiding

In this case, we do not say goodbye to simplicity. Therefore, what we are going to do is several braids all over the hair. You will have to make several distributions and the braids will go from middle to ends. When you have all your hair with them, then you will have to start shaping your hairstyle. You can cross them, rotate them or place them as you like.

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