Best long hair style of male: The most glamorous idea

The long hair has always been a source of discussion: for some, never quite masculine for others, on the other hand, it is definitely exciting because of its slightly wild and unkempt look. The secret never exaggerate. Here’s how women like it.

Who said that man does not have many possibilities to play with his hair? Thanks to long hair and new super versatile cuts that enhance the features of the face and make it super sexy, our man is becoming really smart in the styling of his head: from the short sleeves and smooth fake good boy to those of medium length, it does not matter that they are wild, ruffled, typical of the Californian surfer, or long in typical British rock-style, or even moved to bohemian. The important thing is to focus on the crown. And choose the style you like best … US women, of course!

Long, smooth and unlined helmet

The long or medium-long hair has always been a source of discussion: for some, it is never quite “male”, for others it is adorable because of its rather primitive and wild aspect.

The secret? Never exaggerate: the hair should never exceed the shoulders  (to be clear, they can slide up to five centimeters under the ears but nothing more) but with a little imagination it will be possible to have fun with the cuts for men.

They like very much the tails and the pigtails but also the bands to collect the hair, as well as small buns and tea towel gathered on themselves. And an element on which to aim is certainly the tuft.

The man with long hair has never lost an ounce of charm thanks to his noble and wild air at the same time (think of Jim Caviezel in Il count of Monte Cristo: do not you shiver?), Mysterious and sometimes, mixed with an ascetic allure that ignites the female imagination and the male ability to attract.

In short, the long-haired man advances to the rhythm of a rocker but with a dandy look: a man’s hair just behind me, maybe even a sideline and a disheveled stylist, neither smooth nor curly, but only lived. And a final light shiny veil for a “fake anointed” finish.

Short bob, moved at full volume

The hair becomes more and more compact and the lengths are never extreme but made of soft disconnections and gradual steps.

The most requested and portable cut? It is the bob accompanied by tufts on the neck easy to maintain: ideal for creating more volume and a naturally soft and wavy effect. Yes, because there is nothing sadder than an anemic and poor hair, and moreover, lengthened.

We need an “ergonomic” cut, designed to create the right empty and full so that, during the drying phase, we can minimize the use of brushes and hair dryer to move the hair.

You should never perceive the presence of a hairdresser in the styling of a man with long hair, which must absolutely be effortlessly-wild: this is why you must sculpt and direct the tufts with strategic cuts and seal with wax, gel and ant frizz.

The trend

In short, today, in order to appear fashionable and trendy, one must “redo” the past. Not so much the ‘ executive contour ‘, the retro-style cuts that are reminiscent of the looks of the American 50s advertising, or the ‘ pompadour ‘, which recreate the volume effect of the famous Madame at the court of the Sun King: the bob like today, and overwhelms two generations, is more ‘ Britpop ‘ in typical Oasis or Blur style (although slightly longer), a masculine cut but loaded with delicate and feminine elements.

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