Benefits of rosemary for hair

The rosemary plant is considered a good natural hair remedy. It is an aromatic plant that has great properties for beauty, especially if we use it on hair.

In addition to having great benefits, it is a remedy that does not have secondary problems, as it can happen with some cosmetics or treatments.

We will give you information about everything that rosemary can do for your hair, as well as how to use it.

Discover how to use this great remedy to be able to enjoy strong and well-groomed hair, trying some of the most common problems.

Rosemary for hair loss

Rosemary for hair loss

We are in a time when everyone cares about hair loss, which can be strong in some cases. That is why many people seek remedies to stop this fall and make the hair that is born much stronger.

There are many factors that influence hair loss, so we should not rule out other solutions.

Anyway, the rosemary remedy is good for any scalp. This plant helps improve the circulation of the scalp, which helps the hair follicles grow much stronger.

This favors the growth of new hair if the other has already fallen, and improves the hair we already have.

Rosemary for dandruff

Although there are some natural products that can be more effective, the truth is that if we use rosemary to combat hair loss it can also be used for dandruff.

Rosemary has antibacterial properties so it can kill the fungus that produces excess dandruff on the scalp. This is another reason to use rosemary in our hair.

Use for oily hair

rosemary for hair
If we have dry or normal hair, rosemary does not have a harmful effect on the scalp. However, in the case of hair with roots with a lot of sebum, it can help to balance the skin so that less fat is produced. Over time we will see how it helps us to have clean hair for a longer time.

Use as a conditioner

Rosemary can be used as a simple conditioner in case we do not have any problem with the hair.

This plant helps to improve the appearance of the hair, to give it more volume and to help it stay soft and shiny.

It is a plant that contains flavonoids, great antioxidants that can help the hair to stay in good condition.

Rosemary for gray hair

Rosemary for gray hair
Rosemary may not end with gray hair or have the strength that dyes have, but it may be a good remedy to reduce gray hair, especially in black and brown hair.

It is a plant that darkens something the hair, also adding tone to gray hair. In addition, its antioxidants cause gray hair to be delayed in appearing.

How to prepare rosemary

This plant can be purchased at herbalists to care for hair. Its preparation is very simple. You have to put water to boil and put out the fire.

It is important that the herbs do not boil, because the properties are removed. In the hot water, the herbs are added and they are left to rest to create a wonderful infusion.

Once we have it, we have to strain the herbs and store the contents in a vaporizer jar. With this boat, you should spray on the hair and the scalp performing a light massage and let it dry.

It does not dirty or oils the hair, so we can use it several times a day if we want.

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