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10 most important tips for beautiful hair and healthy

To have beautiful hair, we need to get to the big tips. These tips put into practice by stylists, who do nothing but always worry about the health of our hair. There are many, it is true, but today we leave you with the 10 most important ones that you can put into practice.

Because having a nice hair is already possible. Of course, you have to have a little patience as well as dedication, but we assure you that the results will come when you least expect it.

Thanks to the following steps you will see how naturalness, as well as brightness, is positioned as protagonists in your hair.

Brushing for beautiful hair

One of the great tips that can not be forgotten. You need to brush your hair every night. Depending on how thick, or not, you have to give a series of passes.

Hence, it is recommended between 15 or 20. First, you will start in the area of the tips to avoid pulling. You will get blood circulation to improve in the scalp.

Forget about straight hairstyles

Loose hairstyles have been imposed more and more. They are synonymous with those of dishevelled effect.

Is that way you get a perfect pick but taking care of the hair? Because when we did the hairstyles very tight, the hair suffers.

This process can cause the hair to break or weaken. So, as we want the opposite to show off pretty hair, we will opt for other hairstyles.

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The water’s temperature

At the time of washing our hair, we must also pay attention to the temperature of the water. Because it must never be too hot since it is another of the gestures that damage it.

The water always warm during the washing because this way the fat is eliminated. For the final rinse, nothing likes cold water.

Massage but not rub

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When we wash our hair we also make several mistakes. One of them is that when applying the shampoo we usually rub the scalp as if there were no tomorrow.

Well, if we believe that in this way we will eliminate fat, just the opposite. We will be stimulating it to come out more. So, first wet the hair with warm water.

Then, we apply the shampoo and perform a light massage in order to drag the shampoo, but without rubbing.

Masks are your best friends

If they are not yet, the thing may change. Because once a week it is more than advisable that we apply a mask. Ideally, depending on the type of hair we have.

That is, for dyed, dry, oily hair, etc. You must apply it with wet hair and let it act as long as necessary. So, do not hurry. You will see how it helps you nourish and hydrate your hair.

Untangle the hair when wet

Untangle the hair

Although it does not look like it, it is much weaker when the hair is wet. So you always have to be especially careful with him.

Once we have washed our heads, we should comb our hair. But for this, use a wide-barred comb. We will untangle the ends first and then, we will pass through the rest of the hair.

Oil for your hair

After the washes, a little conditioner and once a week, the mask. But if we want to make sure that the care of our hair is in good hands, then nothing like oils.

To take care as well as to repair the damaged hair, they are perfect. You can apply them a couple of times per week.

You will do it, strand by strand so that all the hair can be soaked with the benefits of such a product. It can use olive oil but you have more options like coconut or almonds.

Put aside the irons and dryers

We are protecting it and also repairing it, so it is not necessary to punish it more. Hence, both irons and dryers can remain in the background.

Because our hair will dry a lot. It is best to use a term protector, but if we can not abuse the heat, it will always be the next step.


Although you may not think so, food is also basic for beautiful hair. Eat a balanced diet with white meat such as chicken or turkey plus fresh vegetables and fruits.

Iron and vitamins, as well as folic acid, are essential for health and for hair.

Hair always dries before going to sleep

It is true that at some time of the year, the rush does not give us time to do everything during the day.

But there is one thing that we need to make sure of and that is to dry our hair well before going to sleep. Because otherwise, we will be helping certain microorganisms to take over the scalp.

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