Basic care to avoid dry hair

The dry hair is a problem that affects many people, and there are many factors that can make our hair from drying out and finish breaking, even if it is strong and thick hair. Curly hair tends to be drier than plain hair, but all of them need basic care to prevent the hair from drying out. Discover what these care and what you should avoid getting hydrated hair. Dry hair reduces shine and vivacity to your hair, so we must take care of it so that it stays soft and in good condition. This hair condition leads to split ends as the hair breaks, so you have to avoid it.

Choose daily products wellproducts well

What we are going to use almost daily in our hair is very important, because it is what will affect it the most. You have to think about the months it takes a hair to grow and everything we do at that time, day after day. That is why choosing the shampoo or conditioner should not be something light. It is important to choose products that are suitable for our hair type and that help keeps it healthy. In addition, today we see a growing concern for silicones, which are disappearing from almost all shampoos and hair products. It is not that we have to spend a lot on shampoos, but we do choose something that is good enough and respectful with our hair.

Avoid heatAvoid heat

This is another problem that we use very often. We refer to that you have to avoid appliances that give direct heat to the hair. This spoils it and reduces its brightness. If we can, we should let the hair dry a little with the towel and if possible dry it outdoors. If we want to give a touch with the dryer, avoid direct heat and above all use protectors for quality heat, which will help the hair does not dry or break so much even if we use irons or blow dryers.

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Protects the hair in the sunhair in the sun

Leaving the hair in the sun may be a good idea if we want to clarify it, but the truth is that this affects you more than we think. Not only do we expose our skin and head to a sun that can cause cancer, but we are also burning hair directly, so we will end up with the dreaded dry hair. Today there are protectors for hair and we can also buy a good hat for the occasion.

Avoid discoloration and dyes

One of the things that can most spoils the hair and make it dry and opaque is the discoloration and constant use of the dyes. This spoils a lot of hair, although today have better quality, especially if we talk about discoloration. It is clear that if you want to cover gray hair is difficult to resist these dyes, but you can opt for more natural ideas, such as henna or natural dyes, although we notice that the effect is not as immediate as that of chemical dyes.

Hydrates with masks

If we begin to notice that our hair is drier, we must act to avoid that the tips end up being a disaster. Hydration is essential in these cases, and we must use masks. Although we use the conditioner daily this is not enough, because it helps to soften the hair but does not hydrate and repair it so much. The masks can be bought in cosmetics stores or homemade masks. There are even some oils that can be good masks, such as coconut oil and jojoba oil.

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