Baking soda to straighten hair

We always look for the best remedies to be able to straighten the hair. Because we do not want to punish him always with the help of irons or dryers. Since if we are older we find a homemade product and more natural, then we have to dip into it, as is the sodium bicarbonate.

The baking soda has countless benefits for hair and one of them is to pretend to leave our healthier and smoother than usual mane. But also, it also serves to clean it deeply, to seal the cuticles as well as to combat dandruff, among many other uses. Do not miss it!

Advantages of baking soda for hair

As we have been announcing, sodium bicarbonate has several advantages to consider. On the one hand, it is perfect to be able to clean the hair well. Because with dyes or other products, there may always be some waste left. Only with a rinse of this product, we will be eliminating more dirt than we think. But not only for the hair is itself, but it also a good ally of the scalp. It balances the pH of the skin, eliminates dandruff and closes the follicles. Thanks to all this, our hair will forget the frizziness and as such, smoothing will be easier. As a summary, we must say that it is a good exfoliation and nutrient.

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How to straighten hair with baking

  • Now that we know its great benefits, there is no doubt that we have to prove it. In what way, because as we indicated below.
  • If you have damp hair you can proceed, otherwise, moisten it with water.
  • To a spoonful of sodium bicarbonate, you will throw a few drops of water to create a kind of paste. But always be dense. If you go over the water, add a little more baking so you can counteract it.
  • Now you just need to do a massage all over your head. Always pay special attention to the scalp. You will perform a kind of massage for him. After enjoying a couple of minutes with this step, it’s time to rinse.
  • You rinse with lukewarm water, as usual, until you make sure there are no remains of the product.
  • Remember that you can finish with a cold water rinse. As it will enhance the effect, as well as the shine in our hair.

When drying it, it is always better not to use dryers or irons. Fine comb and choose to dry it outdoors. Only then we know that we take care of them in their entirety. You will see how you notice that the hair is softer and smoother without major additions. You can repeat the process every two weeks.

Use a shampoo mixed with baking soda

Instead of using only this product we can always enhance its virtues with shampoo. Therefore, another of the best steps we must take is this. On the one hand, you can choose a specific shampoo for your hair type. But yes, as long as it is soft and has no paraben. So, we’ll pour a tablespoon of baking soda into the shampoo. So that way we will always have this remedy at hand.straighten hair

But yes, try not to abuse him. Because like everything, in excess, it might be to slightly damage the hair. You will notice because your hair dries a little more than usual. So, we must try to distance the days of use as much as possible. You will see how, we can take care of our hair, while we allow it to look much smoother than usual. Try it because you will be surprised by its great effect!

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