Avoid these habits that mess up your hair

For those people who have dry hair like me, I’m sure they do not need these tips to keep their hair from getting dirty. Dry hair can last more than three days perfectly without getting dirty and without needing washing; however, the same is not true for fine and oily hair.

It is especially for these people who have hair like that, for whom we bring the following recommendations. Avoid these habits that mess up your hair and you can keep it clean for much longer. If you want to know what they are, read on a little more this article.

Avoid the following.

  • Use proper shampoo and treatment. If for example you have fine and oily hair, and you use a shampoo for dry hair as well as the conditioner, this cleaning will not be “cleaning” as your hair should, since it will be providing oils that your hair does not really need. Choosing the right shampoo is essential so that it does not get so dirty during the week.
  • It is not necessary that you brush so much. Brushing can cause the opposite effect, as expected … By brushing it too much we will dirty it up more and we will be frizzier than ever. Untangle your hair before going to bed every day and comb it in the morning before leaving home. It is not necessary to carry a bag comb always with you.
  • Do not abuse fixative foams, waxes, lacquers, and rubber bands. These products can help us to shape our hair as we want, it is true, but it also makes us dirty before. Use a dose appropriate to the length of your hair but do not abuse them.skin
  • Change your sheets at least once a week. The sheets are dirty as do the towels or any other fabric. Although we go clean every day to bed, at night the skin secretes grease and this can stain our sheets, day after day.
  • Clean your brushes and/or combs regularly and not from year to year as usually happens. The combs and brushes take dust and also own substances of the hair (remnants of fixer, natural dirt of the hair, etc.) so if you want that your hair does not get dirty with each brushing, you should clean them assiduously. It is not necessary to clean them every time they are used, but at least once a week.
  • Use the mask or gel conditioner of your hair once a week. It is not necessary to use it every time you wash your head. Excessive use can make your hair dirty and ooze more than usual.
  • Do not over-dry your head with the towel. If we stimulate our scalp in this way what we do is that it will produce fat and therefore we will dirty our hair instead of drying it. Dry your hair with the towel, but from medium to ends and not rubbing, but squeezing.
  • Do not pass your hands so much for your hair. We understand that sometimes it is windy and that we have to put our hair right; we also understand that the fixator has not done its job and we have a rebel fringe … But the more you touch your hair, the more it will get dirty … Try to avoid this or do it as little as possible.

But do you know who is fully qualified to advise you on this? The hairdressers and hairdressers! No one better than them will know what type of shampoo your hair needs, how many times it requires a mask or conditioner, etc. Your hairdresser or hairdresser knows very well what kind of hair you have and what your necessary care is, so pay attention to it the next time you recommend one thing or another. If you have doubts about what kind of hair you have, ask him and he will know how to tell you everything you need.

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