Afro hair

Afro hair: extra care for great results

It is the typical hair difficult to treat but which, if well taken care of, rewards you with softness and endless charm. In spite of what you might think, afro hair is very delicate and fragile.

In fact, they have a thin structure that makes them easy to break and dehydrate.

So, treating them with great care for softening them and defining as far as possible – the characteristic dense hedgehog.

Afro hair features

Not all afro hair is the same: what differentiates them is the type of hedgehog that varies from an almost non-existent shape to a Z shape. Such as a narrow ripple with sharp angles, passing through very tight curls with a narrower diameter than of a pen.

The first type of afro hair has a tendency to give the hair a spongy appearance. This is why it needs constant hydration.

All Afro hair, in general, become entangled and are afraid of the ‘ effect frizz. But with constant care highlight their characteristic of being very elastic.

This kind of hair is able to “withdraw” for as much as 75%! Imagine how long they would be if they could be ironed, but almost all hair stylists suggest that it is better to abandon the project…

Afro hair care

Shampoo parts, which will be very suitable for moisturizing and curly hair. The most suitable
elastic fibers can protect against special brow hair wrap which is well broken.

Washings should not be very frequent, on pain of disarray the hair. It is not wrong, in addition, apply only one dose of shampoo at a time.

It is a good rule, usually, to massage the scalp and NEVER the strands between them. Otherwise, you risk greater dehydration and a tangle difficult to untangle.

It continues with the detangling balm, better if it is without rinsing: to guide you in the choice, the label must carry the expressions “detangling, detangler, disciplinary, leave-in “.

The most effective formulas are creamy ones that nourish and soften the hair. Be generous with the quantities: being the hair completely covered with the product, proceed to their distraction, and always with a wide-toothed wooden comb, specific for afro hair.

Between the shampoo and conditioner, you should gently dab the hair with a microfiber towel. With this type of hair, strong manners lead irreparably to rupture and growth.

It is the drying turn. Divide the hair into four large strands and direct the jet of the diffuser without ever touching the hair.

In reality, if the home temperature allows it, the essential is to eliminate excess moisture from the nape and top of the head.

And then, wait for the natural air to do the rest. And in the meantime, you can continue to pamper your hair with nourishing oils and sprays that define the hedgehog.

A trick to speed up the drying time is to wrap your head in a warm towel. You will find yourself with a soft and well-groomed hair.

Afro hair products

In addition to the essential shampoos, conditioners and masks are necessary for very rich hair. The extra care that completes the treatment of afro hair.

They are mousses reviving, polishing sprays, “controllers” of the volumes, shaping and defining several of the hedgehogs to show off a soft and charming hair.

Generally, afro hair requires “softening” products complementary to the usual balms and masks.

The most suitable products for afro hair are nourishing and moisturizing, rich in oils and butter to intensely nourish, of hyaluronic acid, to moisturize deep.

Wheat and almond proteins are necessary to make hair more elastic. In the gallery above, a series of ad hoc products.

How to grow them long

So being “wrapped up” by nature, Afro hair is certainly not the most suitable to see them up to the shoulders in a short time.

You must take care of them with caution. It is already a good starting point and you can protect them from the risk of breakdown.

With the same purpose, brush them with utopia and brush them with hair iron to avoid bends.

Do not neglect nutrition, and, if necessary, supplement with specific hair supplements, based on iron, zinc and B vitamins, which promote hair growth.

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