A hurt feeling in your hair recognizable as you come from it!

Anyone who has had his hair too long in a tail recognizes this probably: a painful feeling in your hair when you take off your rubber band. Super irritating! But why does our hair actually hurt? And what can we do about it? Trend Alert was looking for it for you!

Pain in your hair is not really ‘pain in your hair’. It is the scalp that hurts. By inflammation in the blood vessels of your scalp, nerves around your hair follicles can become overloaded. This has the effect of hurting your hair follicles. What’s that? Below are the two main causes!

Cause 1. A too tight tail

The biggest culprit is often too tight a tail, braid or bun. Hair follicles are incredibly sensitive. If you wear your hair, this will put pressure on the nerve endings in the hair follicles and that can hurt. When you suddenly lose your hair, the pain is sometimes only getting worse, because the hair follicles try to adapt to the way you wear your hair. Are you hurting her? Then wear it more often!

Cause 2. Too often use dry shampoo

Unfortunately, there is also something like using too much dry shampoo. If you skip a wash too often (and therefore use dry shampoo) dirt and surplus products can get stuck in your hair follicles. Due to sweat and bacteria, these products can cause unpleasant inflammations. Do not use dry shampoo too often and make sure you spray on the hair start instead of on the scalp.

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