take care for long hair

How to take care of long hair

take care for long hairMany women want to have long hair, something that takes time to get. But also requires their work and maintenance day by day. That is why we will give you a few recommendations to take care of long hair as well as possible and that it does not spoil, thus avoiding having to cut it again.

Having long hair always looks good. Everyone likes long hair, smooth, curly, or wavy. But of course, it is a hair that we must take care of since we must bear in mind that to reach a certain length that hair has a time of months and months enduring all kinds of things.

How to wash long hair

When washing long hair, we should do it as if it were short. Apply shampoo once, gently mash the scalp to remove the dirt and grease in the area, and let the soap drain the rest of the hair.

It is not necessary to rub the hair since that only serves to spoil and dry it.

So much soap is not needed at the tips since they are not stained with scalp grease. By not rubbing we will also prevent the hair from getting tangled so as not to pull later.

To make it more untangled it is good to comb it before going to the shower.


Untangle long hair

The long hair often entangled much more than short hair, and here come the problems of broken ends. To untangle it is better to start combing the ends with a special brush that does not damage the hair.

You have to go up little by little so that the hair does not suffer or become more tangled. We can also help with a product that facilitates disentangling, such as a conditioner without rinsing.

Products for long hair

In the case of long hair, we will have to take great care of the ends because these are the ones that suffer the most. There are many products to hydrate and repair tips.

From specific products to other natural products that help us in this task, such as coconut oil or jojoba oil. In the case of long hair, we always have to have a product for the ends.

Hairstyles for long hair

In the case of hairstyles, you should always avoid those that are braces, so as not to damage the follicle. If your hair is not strong, try using a hairstyle that not get stuck all day. But don’t pull too much hair.

Avoid pigtails and hairpins. In general, it is always better to wear it loose, as it does not damage the hair or it falls by traction.

Cut long hair

We should be taken care of long hair and one of the main problems it has is that the ends can be damaged if we do not cut them frequently.

Try to cut the tips a little every one or two months to clean the hair and make it look good. If you do not cut them long, the hair will continue to grow and you can have the hair you want easily.

Avoid damage

In general, we must avoid everything that causes damage to our hair. From braided hairstyles to abuse aggressive dyes such as discoloration. Extensions are also a bad idea because they pull our hair and can make it fall out much more.

On the other hand, when drying it is better to leave it outdoors to prevent heat appliances from drying the tips and spoiling it.

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