How to take care of light brown hair

Although we tend to simplify the shades of brown hair in blondes, tans, chestnuts or redheads, there is a great deal of nuance between them. There are blondes who approach the redhead and others who approach the chestnut, as the blond ash. There are also dark chestnuts that are almost like dark hair but with reflections. So the possibilities in terms of tones are almost endless.

The light brown hair is a trend, since it also takes the dark blond or ash, being both quite close in terms of tonalities. The chestnut is a tone that was once considered common; hence the world finally opted for the other colors, but has become fashionable and shows that it has a lot of charm and style.

Choose light brown

The light brown tone can have many shades from reflections with blond ash to caramel tones. This color equally favors people with a white or dark complexion, making it a perfect tone for anyone. We must remember that very dark tones harden the features and call attention to imperfections. In addition, the light brown tone offers great naturalness. Which is perfect if we want to look stylish and sophisticated hair.

How to get a nice tonenice tone

Everything depends on the base you have in your hair. The color of your hair matters when it comes to getting a particular tone. If you have blond ash, it is very simple, since you only have to use a suitable dye in brown tones. If on the contrary, you have darker hair it will be necessary to clarify the tone with highlights and discoloration. It is important to know how we get the tone because the care can be different.

Take care of the hair

Once we have achieved the chestnut tone that we like we should take care of it as we would take care of any other color. There is a belief that brown tones do not need as much care as the most extreme colorations but this is not true. To get a light brown usually resort to some discoloration or dyes that eventually lose tone and brightness. So you have to take care of them from day one. To care for the hair you have to buy specific products. If you consult with your hairdresser you can surely recommend high-end products for coloring care. In this way, the tone remains perfect for much longer.

UV rays

The sun’s rays also affect the brown hair, eroding its tone and sometimes creating orange colors that we do not like so much. That is why to prevent the color from ending up spoiling you have to protect the hair from UV rays. Sunscreens are essential during the summer, but we must also protect the sun in winter, although this sun does not affect so much. If we are going to run we must wear a cap that protects it. There are shampoos and products that have already incorporated the sunscreen.

Moisturizes hairMoisturizes hair

If we have undergone dyeing or discoloration, it will be very important to hydrate the hair well. The light brown usually need discoloration. Which spoils the hair fiber enough and makes the hair rough. In addition to the shampoos that take care of the tone, we must buy products to hydrate the hair. A great idea is to use natural oils for hair. Coconut oil is one of the best when moisturizing the hair and takes care of it from the root without greasing it. Just use a little on the hand and use it as a conditioner after washing at the tips or with more before washing the hair.

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