How to care for pink hair

We know that the color pink has become almost habitual. So much so that we are not surprised to see it in many girls when a few years ago it was something striking and different. This season they continue to take the daring tones in their hair. Undoubtedly pink is one of the most sought after. But we should know a few things about this trend.

In principle it is better to know the treatments that we are going to submit to our hair to get a general idea of the process to get this pink hair, but also how is the way to wear it now, since we can find a way to wear it more we like it and go with our style.

Get the trend pink tonetrend pink

This pink hair color is worn in rather a light pink, a pastel pink. And not so much the intense pink of the fuchsia shades. To achieve these clear shades, you should have bleached hair. A light platinum blond that creates a base with which to add a rose-colored tone without being distorted. That is, if we are brunette and want this light pink we will have to discolor the hair, which can damage it. It is not as simple as simply applying the color.

In this sense, we must ask ourselves if our hair is strong enough to undergo constant colorations since this can weaken it. A thick hair can afford it but in the thinnest. It can break because it is not so strong. So we can not see how the hair grows long and probably we will have to wear it short. When in doubt, it is always better to consult our reference beauty center.

How to wear the color pink hair

This shade of pink is carried in a light color, a pale pink and pastel; although within the pink, there may be different degrees. That is, if you don’t like it very clear, you can always ask for a bit of intensity. It is a bit difficult tone, so if you are not sure in principle. It is better that you decide to discolor. And give the pink tone to means and ends, something that is also trendy.

This will not be so much the change and in case you get tired of the tone you can always give yourself a cut to clean it up and start again with another tone. Depending on how long you have the hair, you will put it in means and ends or only in tips. In addition, nowadays you have many images online to be able to inspire you and thus take a few ideas before doing the final hairstyle.

If you discolor it and put the pink from the root. You have the problem that in a short time the tone of your hair will appear and seeing roots with such contrast is not good. So you will have to choose to continue bleaching or give it a bath Dark in color to leave pink behind.

Pink hair care

This type of pink hair color usually spoils it because it entails discoloration and this is one of the strongest treatments. We will need a lot of hydration to make the hair look nourished and so that the ends do not open and break. In addition, this tone can go spoiling with the passing of days and with the washings. So it is better to buy special shampoos for hair with coloration. They do is not drag so much the color. So that it stays nice and for that, the hair is shiny longer.

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