9 Tips to optimize the beauty of your hair

Who has never dreamed of having long, shiny, or resistant hair? (Or even the three). But here it is, the concern is that in reality, it is quite difficult to reach its ideal hair. Between pollution, our food and temptations to smooth or color hair: the course is fraught with pitfalls. But Grazia has thought of you by listing 9 simple tips to apply daily so that in a few weeks, your hair turns pale Rapunzel.

HAIRSTYLE – You are given all the secrets to (finally) have the hair of your dreams.

1 / Cut the tips. This passage to the hairdresser is surely the one we all hate, but cut the dead areas of the hair can bring life to the rest of the fiber. If there are forks, this little chisel will prevent them from getting bigger. Every 4 to 6 months, we say goodbye to a few centimeters.

2 / Choose your shampoo with care. You do not even need to tell you to skip those containing sulfates, because we hope you already know it. On the other hand, we try to turn to shampoos containing vitamins, minerals, and salicylic acid.

3 / We say goodbye to the heat. Between the hair dryer and the straightener, your fiber dries and breaks. The motto: no blow- dry every month, and we prefer drying in the open air.

4 / We drink water and eat balanced. The problem with the hair as with the skin is that they are the last to receive what we eat and drink. So to help them, we do not forget the 2 to 3 liters of water a day, and we put on a balanced diet.

5 / Fill up on food supplements. Because our diet is not always enough, dietary supplements are there to save the day. Biotin, zinc, iron and B vitamins will be your allies.

6 / Never skip hydration. Depending on your hair type, fill up with products (leave-in, moisturizing creams, oils) that match you. Morning and evening, go through the hydration box with a milk or cream before sealing it with a drop of oil.

7 / We arm ourselves with a nightcap. You’ve always been told to sleep with your hair tied up so you do not have knots. While the idea is good, but it’s not everything. With a nightcap – or a pillowcase – in satin, you prevent the materials in contact with your hair from absorbing the hydration you have recently given them.

8 / We say yes to oil baths. Fan of avocado oil, argan or macadamia? No matter what your oil crush – we’ve coined the phrase – every two weeks soak your hair for a whole night before doing a mild shampoo in the morning.

9 / We do not forget the skull massages. Between relaxation and hair growth, there are only benefits to massage the skull. For 5 to 10 minutes every day, we take the time to restart the blood flow to the hair follicles.

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