6 reasons why your hair keeps breaking

Does your hair no longer want to grow and does it always break down to a certain length? Or is your hairline ruined by short, wispy tufts? Then your hair is damaged. The good news: you can do something about it. We list the 6 main reasons for breaking up.


Every woman who dabs her locks regularly knows how difficult it is to keep your hair strong and healthy. Chemicals simply do not have a good influence on the condition of your locks. They slowly break down the protective layer of your hair follicles. So you go too excited with the bleaching or overlap a color too often, then your hair follicles are affected and hairs can eventually breaking.


Do you regularly use a style, curling iron or hair dryer? Then this may also be the reason that you breaking her. Heat is the cause when it comes to damaged locks. Do you want to be careful with your hair? Invest in a good quality tool. Do not forget to prep your hair with a heat protector.


Your hair can therefore also be something that is too clean. When you ‘overpower’ your hair dry the natural oils on your scalp (you need it to keep your hair healthy). How should you wash your hair then? That depends on your hair type. Do you have fine hair? Then you need little shampoo and a lot of conditioner. Do you have dry or coarse hair? Then you need more shampoo and less conditioner. For all hair types applies: avoid too much shampoo, because that dries your hair out and that can eventually cause breakage.


Brushing your hair too rough (and certainly teasing it) can also cause your locks to break. To prevent this as much as possible, you can better avoid plastic combing and use a soft paddle brush instead. This brush is a little wider so that less friction occurs. Are you going to cheat? Do not do this after spraying hairspray, because that makes your hair sensitive.


Do you want to grow your hair and therefore skip the hairdresser? No, this is counterproductive. The more time there is between a haircuts, the longer the damaged points are that the hairdresser has to cut. To prevent split ends, it is best to go to the hair salon every 8 to 10 weeks. And if you are there, then this is something you should never do.


Last but not least, your shoulder bag can also damage your hair. Just think about all the times that you threw your bag over your hair and then pulled your locks out of it… Almost every day? Do not do more…

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