6 mistakes in the hairstyles that will add years

Although we love having the age we have, it is true that step by step. Because we do not want to pretend many more years and that is something we do without thinking. Because there are a number of errors in hairstyles and hair in general that all they do is add many more years.

For that reason, today we are going to tell you the 6 typical errors that are going to put you more age. Hence, you must take them into account so that this does not happen and enjoy the age you have. Maybe some of those mistakes sound like you, but others, they had not crossed your mind. Discover them!

Forget about the very dark tints

It is one of the worst mistakes you can make. It is true that we love changing the look. For this, dyes are one of the best options. But you have to be very careful with them. Because when time goes by, the features will harden slightly and if they add a dark tint to their hair, we will be doing much worse. Dark hair is one of the best options to highlight all the imperfections that we have on the face. Something that we do not want, so, when we go to meet years, it is best to give light to the hair, in the form of reflections.

No too cold colors

If the color very dark did not favor us, the blonde very light or platinum, even less. If you already have light hair and your skin is also quite pale, then you should forget about the colors mentioned as well as the blond ash. The best thing is always to bet on tones that have warmth. If you do not come to mind, we will say that there is nothing wrong with those who have a honey or caramel color. Because they are not so blond or intense, but bring a lot of light, balance, and beauty to our hair.

Hairstyles with a lot of lacquer

Unless you go to an event and comb for the occasion, it is best to forget about the lacquer. But the lacquer when we make hairstyles that are left with a large volume and it seems that we wear a hat. The best thing is always to opt for naturalness and more when we are fulfilling years. Therefore, a soft fall of the hair, with slight waves is always preferable to bring the hair back and all stiff.

Hairstyles to the back

It gives us the feeling that when we are young, everything feels much better. But when years go by, then things have to vary slightly. One of them is to forget about the hairstyles completely backward. That of the forehead so clearly does not usually favor. Because it will be showing again all the imperfections of the face because it seems that they are enhanced with a hairstyle like that. Therefore, we advise you to comb to the side or leave aside bangs if you are going to take some collected.

A little volume

We have commented that the hair stiff due to the lacquer, is not a good idea. But yes it is the volume. Because with the passage of time, the hair tends to weaken and fall even more. So if we leave it natural, surely we will end up with a straight and lifeless hair. It must be returned! To do this, nothing likes a light volume, with simple waves. They do not need to be very marked, but surf-style waves may be the best option.Errors in hairstyles

Errors in hairstyles, be careful with the line in the middle

It is true that there are many faces that favor. But we also know that with the passage of time, these faces tend to lose collagen. So there are areas like the cheekbones or the chin where this process will be more noticeable. Instead of lamenting, what we have to do is try to find the most positive option in the form of a hairstyle. We will leave the line in the middle to comb our hair to one side. You will see what a good change!

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