6 habits with which you make your hair fat

fatThe annoying moment when you wake up and your hair is already fat, you’ve only washed it and today you can get back to work with the dry shampoo. You may not be aware of the following things that you do, which make your hair fat faster. That’s why we’re going to tell them to you!

Cannot touch me

You have a bad hair day and you keep going through your hair with your hands. This only ensures that the dirt and oils get on your fingers in your hair. With fat locks as a result… Do not touch it!

Do not wash too much

Washing your hair ensures that it is no longer fat. This is what we think, but this is not entirely true. If you wash your hair every day, your body adjusts the natural process, resulting in more oils being produced. You keep on washing and it only gets fat faster. Therefore, try to wash your hair a maximum of two or three times a week.

Brush it out

After brushing your hair it looks radiant and beautiful, this is because brushing stimulates oil production. Unfortunately, this radiant and beautiful hair quickly turns into a fat bunch, if you do this often. Therefore try to brush your hair as little as possible and if you do it, only comb the bottom of your hair.

Dirty pillows

If you are dreaming, you sweat a lot (unnoticed). This sweat comes in your blankets, mattress and in your pillows. Every week just replaces your pillowcase, your hair and skin will be very happy!

Dirty brush

Another thing with dirt, this time it’s your hairbrush. When you brush your hair, old hair, hair products, skin cells, and oils get into your brush. Brush your clean hair afterward with the same boatel, then your hair will get dirty and greasy faster. Therefore, clean your brush regularly.

But it feels so soft!

Conditioner ensures that your hair is soft and also cared for, but it also has disadvantages. Too much conditioner ensures that your hair gets fatter faster. Even if not enough rinsing your hair will not be happy. Therefore, only try to apply conditioner in the length and the tips of your hair and always rinse well.

Have you corrected these mistakes, but will your hair still quickly become fat? Then try these cool hair looks to postpone hair washing for a day!

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