Festival hair

6 Festival hair trends for inspiration

We no longer have to explain that festivals are much more than music and fun and that it is the place for the latest trends.

Trends in the field of fashion, nails, make-up, and hair. They are all over and for the latter, we have put the trends in a row with a lot of beautiful inspiration. All you have to do for your next festival is choosing!

Festivals bring our hippie, flower power, side up. A favorite is and remains the flower crown, but there is much more than that. Braids, accessories, hats, and preferably all combined.

Flower Crown

Flower Crown Festival hair

The flower crown has been a favorite for years. But with a garland on your head, you are not ready. A flower crown requires wavy hair that comes from underneath. Prep your hair with mousse especially for curls, and take a few plucks briefly over a medium curling iron.

Braided Crown

Braided Crown

Another crown, but then in the form of a braid. One thing is certain: your hair is good all day because it cannot go anyway. And on a hot summer day, you are even more grateful for this hairstyle. How to?  Make a middle or side part and braid your hair. Then fix the braid with a few sliders and spray some hairspray over to fixate.


Do you have a festival for a whole weekend? Then take a mini hairspray from Elnett (75 ml) and you do not have to worry about your hair anyway!

Hair Rings

Hair Rings

New this season is the hair rings. Also called jewelry or piercings for your hair. The hair rings stay best in braids and that is how you see them most combined. With the styling, you decide whether it will be a grungy look or a romantic hairstyle. We are at least a fan of the hair rings!

Braids all the Way


Boxer braids were a hair trend last summer season. Celebs, bloggers, models, everyone walked with boxer braids and at the festivals, you can still rock this hairstyle.

Also, the herringbone braid and all other types of braids are allowed in the festival season. There is also plenty of experimenting with color nuances and bright colors because you see them extra well in a braid and ensure a beautiful effect. Finish here with hairspray to keep the braids extra long.

Boho hair

Boho hair

Long wavy locks up to your side. We love boho hair!  Get some plucking over a thick curling iron? Let the locks cool down and then spray the Studio Line Matt & Messy Salt Spray into your locks and knead it into the hair for extra definition. Make a few small braids in the hair to finish the look. You’re boho-ready!


Spray Elvive Extraordinary Clay dry shampoo on the onset of the hair to create on top of the head volume and the clay also has a cleansing effect. Pretty handy for a multi-day festival hair, is not it?

Felted Hat

Felted Hat

Finally, a hat can be very nice for your festival hair look. Combine the hat with one of the above trends such as braids or boho hair. It immediately gives a look a boost and protects your face from the sun.

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