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Home remedies for hair loss

We are at a time when we see how our hair falls out more than necessary. If it is your case, or you want to prevent it, do not miss these home remedies for hair loss. A perfect way to take care of our hair without having to resort to other techniques much more expensive.

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How to use aloe vera to remove dandruff

As you probably know, aloe vera is one of the great and powerful remedies for our hair. Basic ingredients that will help us fight certain problems. One of them is dandruff. So today we propose you to know how to use aloe vera to remove dandruff, but always in a very simple and fast way. Because we do not...

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What are the best vitamins to prevent hair loss

Let’s find out what are the vitamins to prevent hair loss. Because in this season we all notice that our hair falls out more than necessary. Of course, we may add other aspects to it, such as stress or hormones, which are not easy for us either. Although in the market we have vitamins to prevent hair loss, today...

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Recipes for silky and hydrated hair

Having silky and hydrated hair is not always a simple thing. Mainly, it depends above all on our genetics, that is, on the type of hair that we have, and also, of course, on the care we give to this both daily and weekly. Today, I tell you my case, how is my hair type, what care I dedicate...

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Temperature of hair dryer

We tell you some details about the temperature of the hairdryer and how it should be used so as not to damage the hair or dry it. In the care of our hair, we almost always use the hairdryer to shape it. When using the dryer we have to take into account some guidelines. Because if we use it...

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What are the causes of hair loss

It is a question that worries the whole world. If you have asked yourself more than once what are the causes of hair loss, today we are going to tell you all the main causes. Because in order to find a solution to the problem, it is always necessary to know where it comes from. Only then can we...

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How to get a shiny hair simple gestures

The hair may appear opaque at certain times, and this does not favor anyone. A healthy hair is soft and shiny, so we’ll have to see what may be ruining our hair to get that shiny hair that we like. A nice hair is healthy hair, but for that, you have to take care of it a lot. We...

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Dyed hair care in summer

As we all know, dyed hair needs more care. Because it tends to dry out or lose shine and we do not want this to happen. So if it is already something usual in him, when the summer comes even worse. Because it can become very rough and lose all its great beauty.

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How to cover the hair root

The hair grows very fast and when we have gray hair or we have a dye on our hair that is of a very different shade. like a blonde on dark hair. We have the problem of the hair root. The root will stand out over the rest of the hair and this creates a sloppy effect that we...