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How to take care of hair

To know how to take care of hair, there can be no excuses. We have to pay attention to him and pamper him every day of the week. Only then, with a little bit of perseverance, will we get the hair that we are looking for. Having a hair with a certain shine, healthy and silky is the dream...

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How to make a hairstyle in 2 minutes

Surely you will agree with me that you need a current hairstyle, but if you spend a lot of time in front of the mirror. Not all the hairstyles we see require a lot of time or dedication. That is why if you are looking for quick and easy ideas, here we offer them. Discover how to make a...

How to wave the hair 0

How to wave the hair

How to wave the hair. Wavy hair is one of the most requested techniques by all. Both for those with straight hair and for those with undefined waves. For all, in general, we show you some ideas that are perfect to discover how to wave your hair and get the desired effect we need. Some of the techniques may...

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Home solutions for damaged hairs

Damaged hair is one of the problems we face every day. It seems that none of the creams or shampoos gives us the result we really want to see. So, once again we will bet on the homemade solutions for damaged hairs. We will get our hair back once and for all. When we see our hair lifeless and...

Party hairstyles for short hair 0

Party hairstyles for short hair

Party hairstyles for short hair. During the holidays we always want to wear a nice hairstyle, new makeup and innovate a bit. They are special occasions in which we want to get out of the routine and create a new look. In a matter of hairstyles, if we have short hair we see ourselves a little more limited since...

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How to wash the hair

Although it seems common enough and does not need a possible explanation, it may be the opposite. Because sometimes what we do on a regular basis does not mean that it is what is right. So, today we are going to see the steps to follow to know how to wash your hair.

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How to avoid hair curling

We know well that with the changes of time, humidity and heat sources like the hair dryer are not friends of our hair. This one lets us know in the form of frizz or also known as frizz. We try to avoid it at all costs, although sometimes it is not the simplest … until today! We will help...

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How to avoid split ends and damaged hair

We spend the day using rubber bands, accessories and heat tools or products to be able to wear the hair as we wish. Smooth, with waves, curly and the tone that we like the most. The problem in all this is that the hair ends up spoiling, and when we realize we will be before some broken and broken...

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How to make natural waves in the hair

The waves have been in the hair for years. They give volume, movement, and favor all kinds of faces, so it is one of the best options when combing. That is why today many so many ways of making natural waves in the hair have been thought of.

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How to discolor facial hair

On many occasions, we realize that we have a bit of facial hair, something that is common in many people. That is why we should look for some solutions, and among them, we can see how to discolor facial hair. Discoloring this hair is one of the simplest solutions we have since you do not have to pull that...