Monthly Archive: March 2019

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Olive oil for hair

The vast majority we have in the kitchen, but there are many more uses to give. Hence, today we focus on olive oil for hair. Because it can also do a lot for our hair. If you still have not dared to use it, sure that from today everything will change, with the advice we give you. Olive oil...

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Haircuts trend in this 2019

As every year, new ideas are emerging on how to wear hair. New shades but also new haircuts that will be a trend this 2019. If you’re thinking of a great change of look, it may be time to make a different cut, and if you’ve never done it, you can try those that are less daring but just...

Garlic oil 0

Garlic oil for hair

If we look for natural remedies for our hair, the oils will always be the great allies. In this case, we are left with garlic oil for hair, thanks to the many qualities that it has. It is proven that it is very effective in all types of hair and also, it will make it stronger.

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How to repair and care for hair burned by permanent

We all know that certain products damage, and much, our hair. Even so, we opted for great changes and between them, both smoothed and permanent are great players in our lives. Therefore, today we will thoroughly discuss how to repair and care for permanently burned hair.

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Coconut oil for hair beauty tips

The coconut oil has become a natural product appreciated and used in beauty for its qualities and because it is not harmful to the skin or hair. That is why many users have appeared to give a simple bottle of coconut oil. This time we will see how to use coconut oil for hair, with the good news that...

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How to moisturize hair

Moisturize hair is one of the basic steps that we must take into account. More than anything because only then, we can enjoy bright, healthy and perfect hair. But although we know the theory, sometimes we miss the practice. Something that from today will be much simpler to follow.

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Hairstyles for a day wedding

The hairstyles for a wedding day can be as varied. But it is true that during the day, we can choose more relaxed and natural ideas, compared to night hairstyles. So much so that we can give free rein to what we like and favors the most.

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How to straighten the hair with iron

When we think of straightening our hair with an iron, we always think it’s something very simple. It is not that it is not complicated either but it does require following a series of steps. More than anything because only in this way we make sure that we are doing the right thing and that our hair will be...

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How to get more shine in your hair

A healthy hair is a hair that in addition to strong and soft is bright, but this is not so easy to achieve. When the cuticle is healthy it comes to reflect the light, which gives shine to the hair. That’s why when it’s damaged it becomes opaque and loses this brilliant touch. There are several ways to make...

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Home remedies to lighten hair naturally

If you like that your hair has a lighter shade, either because you have a nice chestnut or blond ash that tends to darken, you can avoid the bleaches and add to the tendency to use home remedies to lighten the hair naturally. There are many ingredients that can be used to lighten hair, which can also help us...