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How to darken hair

Nowadays we usually change quite a lot of hair tone, and if we already talked about how to clarify it a bit, now we are going to tell you the ways that there is to darken the hair. It is about achieving a darker shade of hair. Blondes that turn to chestnut and chestnut trees to dark mahogany.

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Greek goddess hairstyles to inspire you

Inspiration will allow us to show more than perfect ideas. Especially when it comes to those Greek Goddess hairstyles that we like so much. Perhaps at first glance, we may seem somewhat complicated, but nothing is further from reality. They are simple hairstyles; Hellenic inspired and will never go out of style.

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How to have straight hair

For many women having straight hair becomes a dream. But it is certain that, sometimes, those dreams are only achieved with the help of plates or various products. Although we do not want you to damage your hair more than necessary and we are going to tell you some secrets.

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How to fight dandruff on the scalp

Dandruff on the scalp may be due to several reasons. You may have dry scalp, but it is usually caused by a fungus that increases the production of flakes in the dermis, which break off and give rise to that dandruff we know. This is a complex problem that must be studied in each case. Because there may be...

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How to curl hair with braids

Curling hair with braids is a perfect way to get beautiful waves, without punishing hair. In this way, we can make numerous hairstyles, or leave hair loose to show off our most natural waves. Do you want to get curly hair in a short time?

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Benefits of alfalfa for hair

The benefits of alfalfa for hair are quite numerous. The same as for our health in general or for the skin. It seems that this plant has medicinal purposes that we have to discover. It is said that a long time ago, it was believed in the healing and miraculous properties of alfalfa.

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How to take care of the hair so that it grows

Caring for hair is a task that seems simple, but it is not so easy. So we have to set some steps to get the good care that will result in more growth. As we know, hair usually grows around 1.5 centimeters each month. Although this is not always so!

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Why hair curls

Why does hair curls? It is one of the most frequent questions. More than anything because the vast majority suffer from this problem. It seems that we leave the house with perfectly combed hair, but it is only an illusion because we quickly see how frizzy seizes him.

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Fatty hair characteristics and care

Each person has a specific type of hair, which we must know in order to treat it with the best products. Oily hair is a type of hair in which fat accumulates very quickly because a lot of sebum is produced on the scalp, which extends to the hair and gives it that dirty and caked look.

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How to curl the hair with the iron

Although it is one of the fastest and easiest ways to change the look, we do not always get it. Curling the hair with the iron is adding light waves to our hair. Undoubtedly, you can do it in a matter of minutes, but to do so, you need to follow some basic tips.