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Care for blonde hair

Blonde hair can have many different shades, but it usually takes a lot of care to make it look brighter. Natural blondes are usually fine hair, so you have to take care of them so they do not break. If they are dyed we will have the same problem, since the hair weakens and can break.

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10 tips for a beautiful hair and healthy

To have beautiful hair, we need to get to the big tips. These tips put into practice by stylists, who do nothing but always worry about the health of our hair. There are many, it is true, but today we leave you with the 10 most important ones that you can put into practice.

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My hair is greased very fast, what to do?

There are people who have the problem of excess fat on the scalp, with which the hair is greased very fast. This makes them always have the feeling that the hair is dirty and matted, without shine and without life. If you have the problem of getting your hair greased very fast you may have to look for some...


How to use aloe vera for hair growth

As we know, aloe vera is one of the essentials in our beauty. It has multiple uses and all of them will leave us with an amazing result. So, today we will use it for hair growth. It is a plant with many qualities so, in this case, it would not be left behind.


How to clean the hairbrush

The vast majority of the time we focus on brushing or combing hair. But not always in the hairbrush and in its cleaning. Well, it is also another point to consider if we want to enjoy an amazing result. So, today we will take the big step of doing a good cleaning.

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The fall of hair in men

The fall of hair in men has some quite clear causes. But of all of them, the one that takes the first place is the inheritance. Genetics is what makes everyone well aware of this issue. Because they know that they can be touched by having to deal with a problem like this.

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Hair spray, the pros and cons

One of the most common and used fixatives is hair spray. When we want to get a special hairstyle and that lasts much longer, we resort to it. Although it is true that lately is a little in disuse, over the years has always had a lot of work and at different times.

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Aloe vera mask for hair

The aloe vera mask is a plant that has multiple uses in beauty, especially when it comes to skin care. However, it is also a good ingredient to take care of our hair and give it the softness it needs. Aloe vera can be purchased in hundreds of products, natural gel or have the plant at home. The most...

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Hairstyles for curly hair very easy

Because we know that curly hair is always one of the most suited to all types of hairstyles. Therefore, today we are going to see some of those that are carried out in a very simple and fast way. Two qualities that when they go together and in this of beauty, we love.

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What to do so that your hair does not fall out

Soon we will enter the fall, a time when many people suffer from hair loss. There are some things we can do to keep our hair from falling out, although in general, this is a natural process in which hair is renewed to make way for new hair in the season.