Monthly Archive: December 2018

Vegetable oils 0

Vegetable oils for hair

The vegetable oils are another home ways we have to take care of hair. A simple way to provide hydration while smoothness and great beauty to the hair. What happens that sometimes we seem to forget all these options that we find easy. So, so that this does not happen and does not forget more, we leave you with...


Treatments for hair homemade and natural

We know that there are many treatments for hair that help us to care for, protect and heal. But today, we will review the most demanded and all those who really work. Perfect ideas to not spend a lot of money but always have perfect hair. It is true that in the market we can find products according to...

Natural redheads 0

Natural redheads how to take care of hair

The natural redheads should care the most of your hair. Because it is a variation in pigmentation that is not very common to see. That is why if you are lucky enough to have her, you will need to give her the necessary care and today, we will tell you about it.

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How to get thicker hair

Getting thicker hair is also possible if you follow a series of steps. Because sometimes fine hair is given as much by the passage of time as by stress problems, among many others. Hence, remedying them as soon as possible will be the best solution.

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Hair dyes application and care

The hair dyes are used by many women for different reasons. The dyes can change our hair color and that is why they can be used to cover the gray hair or simply to modify our style. Some people use hair dyes a lot and there are those who have only tried it once. They are products that carry...

Dyed 0

Dyed blond hair and its necessary care

If you have dyed blond hair, you have to follow some basic steps for good care. Not only the hair, which is fundamental always but also the color itself. In this way, we will be covering two big points in hair care. Still, do not know where to start?

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Hair loss causes and treatments

The hair loss can come from a variety of causes. It is clear that when we notice a major fall, we must look for the root of the problem so that the solution arrives rolled. It is not always easy, so today we tell you about the main causes of that fall that, in some months, may intensify.


Hair masks with different effects

The masks for the hair have their function and can help us to greatly improve the appearance of this. In addition, each person can find a type of mask for their hair, depending on the specific problem they have. These masks can be purchased already made or we can make them at home with natural ingredients.

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Remedies for oily hair

Oily hair is a big problem for those who have it because sometimes it is necessary to wash your hair daily to avoid it looking dirty and dull. There are some ways to improve the condition of the scalp so that it is not so greasy, although in the vast majority of cases it is a genetic condition that...


Beauty tricks for hair

There are many beauty tricks for hair. Hence, many times we do not know where to start. But there is no problem because today we leave you with some of the best steps you have to put into practice. Only then will you get more than perfect hair.