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10 solutions for lifeless hair

Do you recognize the moment? When you have been busy for over an hour with the hair dryer, curling iron, mousse, and hairspray, but unfortunately… within fifteen minutes it has already completely subsided. You want to prevent this from now on and that’s why we have ten solutions against your lifeless hair. You can read them below!

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Make your ready hair for use in 7 steps

The summer can damage your hair. The culprits are the sun, wind and the sea, leaving your locks dry and damaged. Good preparation can prevent a lot! So before you get on the plane, do yourself a favor and go through these steps for summer-ready hair!

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6 Festival hair trends for inspiration

We no longer have to explain that festivals are much more than music and fun and that it is the place for the latest trends. Trends in the field of fashion, nails, make-up, and hair. They are all over and for the latter, we have put the trends in a row with a lot of beautiful inspiration. All you...


You make these mistakes when you straighten your hair

The hair straightener, our lifesaver. On a bad hair day, the hair straightener brings shine in your life. Super style hair, the hair trend from the zero that now is back and here look at why. And because you now want to get back to work with your straightener, we have put a number of common mistakes for you...

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6 tips for frizzy hair

Frizzy hair is beautiful of itself, but unfortunately there are mistakes that you can make so that you can manipulate your natural hair. Read the tips below to avoid these errors.


7 life changing tips for thin hair

We are not all blessed with thick, voluminous and long hair. Unfortunately, some have to do with thin and flat hair (just like me) and that can sometimes be quite frustrating. Now there are a number of things you can do that make your hair look less nice, or fuller. These tips should know every woman with fine hair,...


8 hacks for thicker hair

A full bunch of hair is something that many women long for. Of course you can swallow supplements or change your diet to create a healthy forest, but sometimes you just want immediate results. Fortunately, there is also hope for girls with thin hair, because you can also help nature in the short term. Read our tips quickly!

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This way you get rid of split ends without cutting them

Our biggest hair enemy: split ends. This means that it is high time to go to the hairdresser, just now that you are doing your best to make your hair grow longer. Split ends not only look unhealthy, but they also make sure that your hair grows less quickly because the points continue to split and break. Fortunately, there...

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6 tips to prevent hair loss

The weather changes will make your hair duller and brittle. It is, therefore, possible that you will suddenly have a lot more problems with hair loss and hair loss. Earlier this week we already published an article about the scientific cause of hair loss in autumn. Of course, it remains annoying, but you can do something about it… Use...


5 DIY hair masks for all hair types

Whether you have straight, curly or wavy hair, we all agree that washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner sometimes is not enough. So if your hair feels dry and fragile or weak and lifeless, we have the solution for you here. And because we believe in rowing with the belts you have, these do-it-yourself masks can all be...