Monthly Archive: September 2018

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Tips for hair to keep your curlers

We know that curlers are not easy to maintain as we want! but we have the best advice for you. We know that hair is the frame of the face, that is why it is very important to keep it as controlled as possible and it is not always an easy task! The issue is that it has a...


How effective hair grows faster?

Myth or truth? Our mothers would have been absolutely right with their stylist’s tips? Apparently, the myth collapses. What do the tips have to do with the root? You have to understand that the matrix is the scalp and the root. If these are not right we can cut the ends and we will not solve the problem. The...


Trends of the Hairstyles of the 2018 Emmy Awards

Different inspirations that we saw at this year’s Emmy Awards! Which one represents you? Hairstyles full of style and varied looks were what surprised us this year. Waves, high buns headdresses and attached vintage hairstyles, incorporating glitter and accessories.


Signs and Symptoms of Hair Loss

Does your hair fall? This is what you should worry about… It happens suddenly: excessive hair loss. “If we notice that the density of the hair has decreased, that the scalp has begun to clear up, you should go to a dermatologist,” If this is not reached, it would not be necessary to be alarmed. It is important to...


9 Tomato Ideas for Mornings with Little Time

Do not take more than 2 minutes to do it! We are at a time when tomatoes in all their versions are a great thing. Good news! Because we cannot deny that this hairstyle is ideal to get us out of trouble those mornings of little time, or if you are a little “loose” with your hair, this bow...

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I Want My Hair To Grow Fast And Healthy! How do I do it?

Hair is the frame of our face, says a lot about us. We must take care of it and nourish it so that it grows with strength and vitality! There are people who are practically a “hair factory” they cut it to the shoulder and in a couple of months they have it again up to the waist. But...