Monthly Archive: June 2017

Colors of trend of hair fall winter 2017 0

Colors of trend of hair fall winter 2017

It is a good idea after the excess of sun or chlorine that has caused the summer in our hair that we make a good cut or change of tone. That is why today I am going to show you the hair color trends that are going to take this fall winter 2017. This year surprisingly it is returned...

5 tips to take care of your long hair 0

5 tips to take care of your long hair

Long hair certainly makes women look beautiful and sexy. However, it requires certain care to keep you healthy. We suggest these tips. 1. Wash your hair with caution: It requires a deep cleaning with a shampoo suitable for your hair type. This will make the hair soft and silky. To wash it massage with the tips of the fingers....

Mixed hair care 0

Mixed hair care

Hello everybody! Today I bring you a post for all those who have mixed hair that is to say fatty in the roots but dry in the tips, since I come to give you some tricks so that you can take care of it in the best way so that it looks nice.

Why does the hair fall us? 0

Why does the hair fall us?

Our hair tends to lose strength and fall over the years according to the circumstances it undergoes. So in today’s post I come to tell you some tips to combat alopecia. Hair, as I just said, can fall under various circumstances such as nutritional causes, environmental and the state of our health.

What is hair serum? 0

What is hair serum?

The serum is the ideal product for the care of all types of hair in addition to offering you nutrition and shine immediately with continuous use your hair will become increasingly silky and manageable. This product will help you to avoid frizz, protect the hair from the effects of the dryer and the iron and give a healthy appearance...