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How to increase hair shine

How to increase hair shine? If you want to know how to increase the brightness of the hair, then aim well everything we have for you. Because when we talk about hair, all care is little for him. We pay attention to the tips, also the roots and the type of hair we have. But today, we will try...

Strengthen hair 0

How To Make Strengthen Your Hair

If you want to get strengthen hair, take note of some of these hair tips. Not only do you have to repair some summer damage. You will also have to strengthen hair so that the fall does not suffer and the new hair grows strong and healthy.

the summer hair 0

How to take care of your hair in summer

The skincare and hair must be different during the summer season and during the winter. In summer we face the sun, sweat, high temperatures, sea salt, and other factors that can spoil our hair much more. That is why during the summer we have to take into account other hair care. Caring for your hair is essential to make...

waves in hair without heat 0

How to make waves in hair without heat

Because we really like to change the hairstyle, today we are going to see how we can make waves in the hair without heat. A perfect way to give a new life to our hair without punishing it. We want a hair full of curls but healthy and careful. That is why we do not need any heat source....

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How to take care of long hair

Many women want to have long hair, something that takes time to get. But also requires their work and maintenance day by day. That is why we will give you a few recommendations to take care of long hair as well as possible and that it does not spoil, thus avoiding having to cut it again. Having long hair...

hairstyles for rainy days 0

The best hairstyles for rainy days

Already entered at this time, it is time to think about hairstyles for rainy days. Because we don’t have to give up the style we like, but simply adapt it to the new circumstances. The humidity will not make our task very simple.

remove tobacco smell 0

How to remove cigarette smell from hair without washing

Today we are going to give you the best tricks to remove cigarette smell from hair. Yes, it is true that one of the best steps would be to not smoke. Neither we nor the people around us, but it is something we cannot control. So, if you have gone to a party or meeting and bring a certain...

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How to care for straight hair, the best ideas and tricks

If you want to know how to take care of straight hair, today we show you the best ideas and tricks for it. Straight hair is one of the most beloved but also hated by all women. Perhaps because it allows us to wear numerous types of hairstyles and haircuts, with a very flattering result. But of course, it...

best hairstyles for thin faces 0

5 best hairstyles for thin faces

Do you have a very round face? If you think this type of face does not favor you, do not worry. Today we will tell you what the haircuts to thin the face are. Thanks to them, we will be able to refine our features a little more. Yes, because the hair has the ease of making our face...

hair loss all year 0

How to prevent hair loss all year

At this time there are many who sees how our hair falls much more, and that is why we worry that our hair will recover. Hair loss can be seasonal, which is normal, so in this case, we should only worry that our hair is born healthy. Be that as it may, we must prevent hair loss and weakening....